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    I'd like to present you Sette, my newest theme.
    Sette's development has been a really hard work, since I decided to make a theme which included both iPhone and iPad version of the icons.
    The goal I though to achieve with Sette is to recreate the iOS experience, making all the icons have the iOS 7 - Sette, in italian, means seven - gradients and color scheme.
    Sette's icons also have a reduced-white-point glyphs, so the glyphs aren't completely white, but have a transparency that makes the underlayer color show a bit.

    Sette will come with:

    - 100+ themed icons, both iPhone and iPad optimized (also for non-retina iPads)
    - Some UI themed
    - One wallpaper optimized for both iPhone and iPad.

    Sette will come on August 9, for 1,50$.

    Keep in touch! Follow me at @bart172_
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