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    For the phone it is supposed to be named AppIcon60x60@2x.png
    2014-11-12 01:23 AM
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    The clock has been giving no trouble in iOS 8, try downloading the tweak iconbundles. The clock is s working on my phone, but not iPad (other themes have the same problem I think)
    Ok, that made no sense, sorry, (was distracted as I still had company over, but wanted to reply) It is true that the clock is working on the IPhone 5, however, I ca't get it working on my ipad air. Not sure what the dealio is...

    Reckoning-imageuploadedbymodmyi1415757542.909781.jpgclock and phone both working
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    Reckoning - Triptych - Brass Tacks
    White Night and Syren
    2014-11-12 02:45 AM
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    Ok, well, they updated icon bundles, which then broke what wasn't broken (for my stuff anyway).... cause as soon as I updated to the new version of icon bundles, my phone and clock broke on the phone. .... there's documentation, I'll read it in a bit, as I can't read squat on my phone (way to small)
    2014-11-12 05:46 AM
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    2014-12-27 09:23 PM
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