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    A simple definition of Cryogenics is the study of the production and behavior of materials at very low temperatures. Cryonics is the preservation of living things at low temperatures (cue Walt…). Since it’s illegal to use cryonics, I decided to play at least with freezing something, so……

    I introduce you to my first ever complete theme Cryogenics for iOS 7+ for your iPhone.

    It’s a sleek white-based design, with a clean light cool blue undertone. Can be used with either i4 or i5 devices. I tried to bring the idea of science and design together with my vision of what something frozen in cryonics would be like on an idevice.

    A full iOS theme with the following and more:

    - Numerous UI items across the entire iOS
    - Fully themed Settings icons
    - 250+ icons pre-themed
    - Color keyboard
    - Zeppelins
    - Classic docks
    - JellyLocks
    - iWidgets
    - HTML Lockscreen
    - Iconomatics
    …and more to come with future updates.

    The beta is up and ready to go thanks to my man Xlliblx @ iosrepo.com. If you need your theme or website hosted this is the man to do it!

    You can get your beta subscription for cryogenics HERE

    Next Thing I need to do is give my shout out to all those that helped me make my concept a reality.

    First I want to thank barsoverbeats. He was the inspiration to this whole endeavor with his mastery of the pen tool. I strive to become better!

    IryanKGT- for your support and help since the first beginnings of all this!

    Heine- You were such a huge help with so much to mention. You truly are a master at what you do! I am glad to call you my friend!

    EricB78- for your great help with the iwidgets and icons.

    Chris_Gold- for all your kind words and the help hooking me up to all the right people.

    Jato_BZ- Thanks for your great tutorial, and all your help in getting it all to work!

    Erayser- Again for help on the basics to the widgets. I learned a bunch!

    X|lib|x -who got this ready to go on the repo, and the tireless nights of updating all my “tweaking” (so sorry bro ☺)

    Schnedi- for you amazing work and great modding for all the widgets you put out there for everyone to use.

    RKO1195- for your kindness and willingness to always help.

    And finally to all the other “alphas” that have had all their input and kind words. You all are truly great people, not only here in the MMI community but in real life as well. If I forgot someone Please know I have a bad memory,lol

    So now the mushy stuff is out of the way, lets get to the fun part:


    As mentioned many more updates to come! I do use a few tweaks to enhance the theme. Fancy, message customizer to name a couple. I will post what settings and tweaks I use to make the most of the theme soon.

    Thanks for taking the time to take a look. Enjoy

    Attached Thumbnails Cryogenics- The freeze has arrived-iphone-4s-white-3views-mockup-11.31.12-am.png  
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    2014-08-16 10:07 PM
  2. sephiroth726's Avatar
    Looks cool
    2014-08-16 10:23 PM
  3. s22lane's Avatar

    Very koooo theme!
    2014-08-16 10:46 PM
  4. x| LiB |x's Avatar
    Looking good!
    2014-08-16 10:57 PM
  5. Dark_Ninja's Avatar
    Dude I love it
    2014-08-17 12:04 AM
  6. _craven's Avatar
    Love this theme!! Great work
    2014-08-17 12:13 AM
  7. Dark_Ninja's Avatar
    When can i have it?
    2014-08-17 03:18 AM
  8. JohnnyBlueJ's Avatar
    The beta repo is already up! Click on the HERE in the first post.
    2014-08-17 03:46 AM
  9. Dark_Ninja's Avatar
    I made an account and I will buy this! Lol
    2014-08-17 03:55 AM
  10. RKO1195's Avatar
    Man it's nice to see this theme go public and you've learned a lot in a short time lol.. Great job bro and very nice theme and concept! Congrats
    2014-08-17 04:53 AM
  11. Bo Troxell's Avatar
    Very nice. Really like it.
    2014-08-17 05:10 AM
  12. Ecadwallader86's Avatar
    My setup with this amazing theme!
    Great great work!
    2014-08-17 06:26 AM
  13. JohnnyBlueJ's Avatar
    Thanks everyone for the kind words! Remember the psd is in the theme folder, but if there are any icon requests post them here. I will work on them as I can, as well as the other guys and gals that have the theme around here.
    2014-08-17 06:34 AM
  14. Ecadwallader86's Avatar
    May I get a weather channel icon & one for icleaner too please?
    2014-08-17 06:48 AM
  15. JohnnyBlueJ's Avatar
    There is one for icleaner and icleaner pro. Can you post a screenshot of the unthemed? It themes on my phone? I will make a weather channel one later this morning
    2014-08-17 07:12 AM
  16. Ecadwallader86's Avatar
    Hmm that's strange. This is what I'm seeing. And sounds good, thank you!
    2014-08-17 07:16 AM
  17. JohnnyBlueJ's Avatar
    post the app info maybe? Here's mine? The 4th row. The mop and bucket

    EDIT: Maybe try using the app,lol. Try clearing the cache and see if that helps. If not like I said post the app info or open in ifile if you have it and post the icon names.
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    2014-08-17 07:25 AM
  18. Ecadwallader86's Avatar
    2014-08-17 07:28 AM
  19. dapes's Avatar
    Liking the ice blue colour.
    2014-08-17 07:32 AM
  20. JohnnyBlueJ's Avatar

    Try using that. Need to get the right icon and bundle names. The bundle name is completely different that the new ones. Is that an older version?
    2014-08-17 07:38 AM
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