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  1. Murp's Avatar
    Hi all

    Recently, I restored my iphone 4, and its slowwwwwly when I put a theme... Once I disabled winterboard, all works fine...

    I tried with many versions of winterboard, but its the same....Same behavior....

    The only thing left to do is to theming without winterboard, but I donīt find a guide as I describe in the post title...

    Here are "ios6x theme guide" and "ios7x theme guide".....

    And IOS 5 ??

    Anyone know where there is a similar advanced theming guide to which I say but for ios 5 ??

    Thanks and regards
    2014-08-19 01:32 PM
  2. Jato_BZ's Avatar
    Nope nothing for iOS5 on here.

    There is a 4X guide here

    At the end of the day u just have to go thru your phone.

    That's all we did for 6X & 7X. iOS5 is so long ago that I don't know many ppl that are still on that firmware...
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    2014-08-20 01:32 AM
  3. Murp's Avatar
    Hi Jato

    Yesterday I went to restore the phone and I was saving the debs one by one from a single repository, and winterboard did the same...

    Today on morning with more calm (I'm done now) I restored again but only installing the necessary packages, and it works !! When I open a folder does not freeze, no delay in passing of pages (This is solved by installing Barrel, but, I hate barrel xD)...

    I Only need to install 4 or 5 applications from appstore, and is solved

    Thanks for the answer

    And I respond to your concern about version of ios..I donīt like ios 6...Ios 7, 40 tweaks aprox. that I have installed, only works fine 7...

    I stay in 5.1.1 xDDD

    2014-08-20 01:08 PM