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    I am using a theme with slightly smaller icons and I've noticed on others that when you tap an icon the pressed mask doesn't fit and looks bad and also when you exit the app there is a moment where the app icon does it again then gets bigger giving the look of lag, is there anyway to fix this mask problem ? Using nanna theme but also does this on soft remix, noki etc and anyway with smaller icons.
    2014-08-22 03:36 PM
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    No one else has this problem?
    2014-08-22 09:59 PM
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    So here's the deal...
    There are two ways to tackle this. If you've bought Flex 2, there's a tweak for the Springboard called:
    No Ugly Icon Shadows

    The downside to this is whenever you're updating/downloading an app, a black box appears on top of the app.

    The other option is a tweak I created called MaskMuter (free). This DOESN'T remove the shadow (because of that black box issue) but it removes the latent image you see when opening/closing an app or folder.

    The downside to MaskMuter is a couple things regarding folders:

    1. You won't see an app that's in a folder updating via the Folder Icon.

    2. If you're in wiggle mode, you cannot drag an app into a folder and have the folder open up. You have to drop the app into the folder then open the folder to arrange where it'll go.
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    2014-08-23 04:00 AM
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    Finally thanks for this, the flex option didn't work but the second did, thanks for the help much better now.
    2014-08-23 11:22 AM