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    Infinity Script - The styles are endless
    - Live on Macciti and my private repo.

    Each icon is semi-transparent, and made from a flat color pallet.

    There are three versions so far:
    - Infinity Glyphs
    - Infinity Light
    - Infinity Dark

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    • Over 1000 icons for each theme (yes one-thousand)
    • Status Bar
    • Control Center
    • Boot Logo
    • UI Elements
    • Settings Icons

    • Auto-Blur iWidgets
    • Auto-Blur SBHTML
    • Auto-Blur LockHTML
    • Custom Cover Theme
    • Two nude ColorKeyboard7 themes
    • Folder Icons compatible with CustomFolderIcons and FolderIcons

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    I have more addons planned, these are the ones finished. I am currently working on a fourth version that is Infinity Glyphs, but not transparent at all.

    Icon Requests:
    I want every icon on your springboard to be themed. I know it's far fetched, but it's my plan. Infinity Script has been live for one day, and I have over 600 icon requests. If I complete these it will be one of the few (if any) themes on Cydia that have over 1500 icons themed. Anyways, if you have a requests:
    - If it's free, the least I need is the app name and if it's on Cydia or the AppStore.
    - I would prefer a detailed list from Appinfo.
    - If you have Icontheif sending a zip is fine, just make sure all the icons you want themed are in that zip. (It tends to miss quite a few apps)

    You can post requests here or just send them to my email [email protected]

    Private Repo:
    My repo has all of the addons so far, and some other stuff on it at the moment. I am going to update Infinity Script on both my repo and Macciti. I tend to update my repo a little more often just because it's easier. I'll be putting my other beta stuff on there too. If I official release anything, the final version will be on my repo. So you get it for free if it's paid. It's UDID protected, and cost $2.50 to join. Which is the price of Infinity Script alone. If your interested, then go to this website infinity and fill out the form at the bottom.

    Thank you!
    2014-09-01 04:21 AM