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    Hi Guys,

    I have my ipad 3 with retina display and it is currently jailbroken on IOS6. yes 6. lol.

    I would like to know if i can update it to jailbreak it as i am sure 7.1.2 which it is prompting me to do is unjailbreakable atm.

    So my question is can i upgrade to a jailbreak firmware straight away? say straight to ios 7.0?

    I am worried it will not sign it and force me to update to latest.

    Can anyone please clarify i would greatly appreciate it.


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    2014-09-10 09:32 PM
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    As of yesterday, I went from iOS 8 on my iPad mini to iOS 7.1.2. Apple was still signing that software at noon yesterday. iOS 8 was really buggy on my iPad mini. Finding the correct iOS 7.1.2 for your device is easy enough using google. I will wait for iOS 8.0.1 and read reviews before I blindly upgrade again. Good luck!

    And, JB'g 7.1.2 is very easy and is an awesome JB from Pangu. For example, JB'g my iPhone 4s with iOS 6 slowed the phone down. With Pangu, my iPhone JB with 7.1.2 kept my iPhone 4s very lively.
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    2014-09-20 04:56 PM