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    I own an iPad Air 128GB with 7.0.1 (evasi0n). Recently, after multiple crashes into Safe Mode, I was advised to download Crash Reporter.

    It seems there was conflict between two tweaks for the Control Center (Polus and CCControls). Crash Reporter notified me after the Settings app crashed, that something called "Preferences" was suspected.

    I removed just CCControls then resprang. What resulted was my iPad booting to the Apple logo, flashing blue, then rebooting again.

    I followed what was advised in this ModMyi Guide.

    It worked! I booted to my Home Screen without tweaks running. I played around with it in this mode for the day, scared I would reencounter that dreaded blue flash crash if I resprang/rebooted.

    After that day, I decided to finally remove Polus aswell and Reboot to normal. But the Blue crash happened again!

    I retried booting into Substrate Safe-Mode (Holding Volume Up button) but not only would it not work, the iPad would show the Apple logo then cut to black. NOT off, but to a faint black with backlight showing the screen is still obviously on, just dark.

    This happens during a normal Power on, as well as a Substrate power on. Apple logo, then cuts to a backlit black screen.

    I should mention: before my beloved iPad crashed to blue the 2nd time, the Battery indicated it was at 11%. This should be noted bc now every time I connect my iPad with the lightening-bolt cable to my Mac or it's charger, the iPad will automatically boot UP! Then cut to this strange black screen (backlight still on) and stay that way unless I remove the cable or turn it off.

    Could it be that it's now at 1% or 0% and trying to charge itself?

    How can I recover my iPad?
    There must be a way to remove all which pertained in the iPad then re-jailbreak.
    All I want is for my iPad Air to be Jailbroken (I don't care about the apps, data, or tweaks).
    You're help IS appreciated.

    Thank you.
    2014-09-10 10:01 PM