1. Vriska_Serket's Avatar
    Exactly what the title says. Can I fix it or something? The restart hasn't changed in 4 hours...
    I would appreciate any help, apart from
    1. Buying a new iPhone. That is waaaay out of my budget.
    2. Going to a repair shop. Same as 1.

    2014-10-04 06:17 PM
  2. vXBaKeRXv's Avatar
    Go to cydia, click on installed and look at top. You will see a recent tab!

    Uninstall that thing you just installed...

    Your in safe mode I think so try and open cydia-
    2014-10-04 06:28 PM
  3. Vriska_Serket's Avatar
    Sorry, but I said the iPhone was stuck in a restart state. So I don't see how I can go into Cydia.
    2014-10-04 06:29 PM
  4. vXBaKeRXv's Avatar
    Are you getting a menu that says restart springboard?
    2014-10-04 06:31 PM
  5. Vriska_Serket's Avatar
    I clicked that, and the iPhone is stuck with the apple logo on the screen.
    2014-10-04 06:32 PM
  6. vXBaKeRXv's Avatar
    Click "Ok"
    Then Go into cydia-
    2014-10-04 06:33 PM
  7. Vriska_Serket's Avatar
    There's nothing except the apple logo now -.- I don't know how I can get out of this
    2014-10-04 06:34 PM
  8. vXBaKeRXv's Avatar
    Hold PWR and HOME at same time, wait for it to turn off-

    Soon as it turns off let GO

    You should reboot to safe mode again after powering up.
    2014-10-04 06:37 PM
  9. Vriska_Serket's Avatar
    My Power button is broken so I use touch to turn iPhone off. So I'm afraid Hard Reset is unavailable for me
    2014-10-04 06:38 PM
  10. vXBaKeRXv's Avatar
    How do you turn on?
    I never actually had broke button except volume rocker.

    Hmmm- that sucks!
    2014-10-04 06:41 PM
  11. Vriska_Serket's Avatar
    Yeah, maybe I should just give up on my iPhone but thanks for the help!
    2014-10-04 06:42 PM
  12. vXBaKeRXv's Avatar
    Maybe wait for it to die....
    2014-10-04 06:43 PM
  13. Vriska_Serket's Avatar
    (o'-') maybe
    2014-10-04 06:44 PM
  14. Makzymos's Avatar
    thats why one of the first things I do is make an Activator function for going
    straight into Safe Mode using the iPhone's physical buttons.
    (i.e. Press both volume buttons at same time)
    saved my butt a few times. I couldve sworn there used to be a program that I
    would run from my computer to kick it out of reboot cycle too. gotta look into that
    2014-10-06 05:47 PM
  15. Steroc's Avatar
    If you hold the Volume up button whilst the phone is booting up this will temporarily disable all tweaks and allow you to be able to open Cydia and remove the offending tweak. The only problem trying to get the phone to boot up with no sleep button. If it's stuck in a continuous boot loop then just holding the volume up button may work without doing a hard reset.

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    2014-10-07 01:21 AM