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    This is a release of my theme iWebOS theme for DreamBoard.

    iWebOS [Release] DreamBoard (iPhone 5/5S/6)-9vhhwt0.jpg iWebOS [Release] DreamBoard (iPhone 5/5S/6)-p8rjuyy.jpg iWebOS [Release] DreamBoard (iPhone 5/5S/6)-u9u9vvr.jpg iWebOS [Release] DreamBoard (iPhone 5/5S/6)-2konduz.jpg

    **Only scaled to work with the iPhone 5/5s/6 .**

    5 & 5s users will need to use Upscale or LittleBrother and set your resolution to the iPhone 6 resolution
    Download from:** ***Cydia Repo: SkyJohn's Repository - MyRepoSpace.com


    Required Tweaks/Apps:


    * DreamBoard, available from the repo: Page Redirection

    * Avenir Next font for BytaFont 2, available from the repo: gttkeith's Repository - MyRepoSpace.com

    If you have any comments on the theme or have any kind of feedback or bug reports you'd like to give please post them below.
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    2014-11-30 07:18 PM
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    It idea very nice
    2014-11-30 07:25 PM
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    It idea very nice
    2014-11-30 07:36 PM
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    Fixed the download on my repo, had the incorrect file structure.

    Sorry to anyone who downloaded the broken version.
    2014-11-30 09:24 PM
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    I hope I'm not too late, but nice work on this theme. It looks amazing!

    I do have a few problems, though:

    - The RSS screen has a solid white background, which kind of throws everything off.
    - The weather doesn't update. I entered my zipcode, but the weather remains at the default 11 degrees setting.
    - I get a bunch of diagnostic apps (I guess?) when I view all of my apps.

    I posted some pictures to show what I'm talking about:

    White background blocking text:


    Apps with blank icons:

    Attached Thumbnails iWebOS [Release] DreamBoard (iPhone 5/5S/6)-j4etgqw.png  
    2014-12-22 07:52 AM