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  1. fluffybunnyabc's Avatar
    Thanks so much guys pics later it's time to find all the cool stuff now
    2015-02-13 08:39 PM
  2. FloP's Avatar
    The Update is in the Folder

    2015-02-13 08:40 PM
  3. fresh46's Avatar
    where is the convergence file ?
    2015-02-13 08:43 PM
  4. fluffybunnyabc's Avatar
    Where's this wall from I don't see in the theme ?
    2015-02-13 08:50 PM
  5. DosyBoy's Avatar
    Where's this wall from I don't see in the theme ?
    I don't have it either...
    2015-02-13 08:55 PM
  6. V3RSAC3PYTHON's Avatar
    Zoobhoy eight-imageuploadedbymodmyi1423861158.622571.jpg

    Yeah the zoopemacy is bada$$. Thx guys
    2015-02-13 08:59 PM
  7. Zooropalg's Avatar
    where is the convergence file ?
    Just added
    2015-02-13 09:02 PM
  8.'s Avatar
    well freaking great... I finally get zoopremacy and now my iPhone 6 is having random blue screen of death and reboots. Can't keep it on more that a few minutes. Looks like I might have to do a fresh restore and if it keeps going on, take it to Apple :/

    anyone else have this happen in the past? From checking a few months ago, I do believe my iPhone 6 suffers from the "bad" NAND memory.
    2015-02-13 09:06 PM
  9. shavonsenegal's Avatar
    On my OnePlus One
    2015-02-13 09:07 PM
  10. FloP's Avatar
    2015-02-13 09:09 PM
  11. Toolysenegal's Avatar
    On my OnePlus One
    Attached Thumbnails Zoobhoy eight-photogrid_1423861142095.jpg  
    2015-02-13 09:11 PM
  12.'s Avatar
    On my OnePlus One
    nice, loved that phone but was too big. I wish they made one with a 5" screen.
    2015-02-13 09:15 PM
  13. ThatGuyChris's Avatar
    It wasn't ok I'm sorry again

    Ok just to go over it again zoopremacy will be a small add on of about 100 icons or so to be selected on top of ZB8 in WB.

    I'm just putting together the last bits n pieces whilst the guys test it out for me...

    Mr Gold is putting together some iconomatics as I'm no good at them, personally I hardly use it ... I'm not a big fan of shadows n bulges so in short I have no idea what I'm doing just quietly.

    Now please understand it's an add on so I may do one or two more icons but I've at least got another three projects in mind that I need to get stuck into. This will keep me very busy...

    Anyway thanks to everyone again for ur support...
    That reads exactly the same as the first time you posted it, must have a good memory
    2015-02-13 09:18 PM
  14. 8lias's Avatar
    Better late than never. Finally jumped on the Zoo train. Supreme just looks awesome. Donated.
    2015-02-13 09:18 PM
  15. V3RSAC3PYTHON's Avatar
    Very nice. Not many new walls. Any walls thatd go with zoopemacy theme for LS?
    2015-02-13 09:26 PM
  16. FloP's Avatar
    2015-02-13 09:27 PM
  17. nl--stevie-nl's Avatar
    Who can give me some walls that will send you into
    2015-02-13 09:35 PM
  18. V3RSAC3PYTHON's Avatar
    If someone make me some zoopemacy themed LS wallpaper ill pay. ty zoo and paul for such a beautiful theme. Id gladly pay again
    2015-02-13 09:45 PM
  19. Krima's Avatar
    Do u want this wall Stevie?
    Zoobhoy eight-imageuploadedbymodmyi1423863991.784456.jpg
    2015-02-13 09:46 PM
  20. nl--stevie-nl's Avatar
    Thnx bro i have the 2 walls lolZoobhoy eight
    2015-02-13 09:51 PM