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    Hi Folks,

    here´s my first theme I created. Settings-icons included. The carrier logo the FolderIcons and the sabermeter bars (WiFi, Signal and Battery) are also included, but can be ordered separately if you don´t want the complete theme.

    For a donation feel free to contact me
    Then you get the download link.

    Old_Oaky by Mixbambullis-41002746519947823859.png
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    2015-01-31 04:10 PM
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    2015-01-31 05:59 PM
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    Interesting concept bro.

    Check out WW3 for iOS 9/10 - Widget-Weather 3.0
    2015-02-01 03:33 AM
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    very nice bro
    2015-02-01 04:41 AM
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    Just another few icons

    Old_Oaky by Mixbambullis-com.apple.podcasts-3x.pngOld_Oaky by Mixbambullis-com.apple.health-3x.pngOld_Oaky by Mixbambullis-com.apple.calculator-3x.pngOld_Oaky by Mixbambullis-com.apple.mobilenotes-3x.pngOld_Oaky by Mixbambullis-com.apple.tips-3x.pngOld_Oaky by Mixbambullis-newsstandiconinternational-2x-iphone.pngOld_Oaky by Mixbambullis-com.apple.ibooks-3x.pngOld_Oaky by Mixbambullis-com.apple.stocks-3x.pngOld_Oaky by Mixbambullis-com.apple.passbook-3x.pngOld_Oaky by Mixbambullis-com.apple.weather-3x.pngOld_Oaky by Mixbambullis-com.apple.voicememos-3x.png
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