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    First off, I wanted to say Hi to everyone!! as i am new to the forum and this is my 1st post!

    I have been using the "googles" to research this question, but have received mixed results. So i was wondering if anyone could set me straight in my quest to change my dock without using SMB.

    Heres what I know:
    Files associated with the Springboard dock are located under:

    /System/Library/CoreServices/ SpringBoard.app/

    and are named:


    I figured that this process shouldn't be much different then changing home screen app icons but so far I FAIL and am not sure what i am doing wrong.

    Basically, I take a "known-good" dock.png which i have downloaded, rename it to SBDockBG2.png and SBDockBG.png, then i SSH into the phone and replace the originals with these. (after backing them up) I re-spring and reboot but dont see my changes.

    Some sites say i need to just rename the dock.png to SBDockBG.png and delete SBDockBG2 altogether. And other say i need to make SBDockBG2 a transparent dock image and then rename my dock.png to SBDockBG.png...

    I am at work and the firewall blocks me form SSH'ing so i have not tried either method, but are either of those the correct solutions? Are there any other files i need to change? I have nothing against using SMB or Customize, I am just a designer and I specialize in UI work, and get joy over hacking the home screen manually (when possible)

    16gb iphone/1.1.4/using Ziphone V2.5/T-Mobile

    edit: FYI for those who care: Got home, renamed my dock.png to SBDockBG.png and deleted SBDockBG2.png... it worked prefectly
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