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    Steve Jobs: "The best people are the ones that understand content."

    Now......its your time ! Obscure !! You asked for this, it was your decision, so here it is !!

    A very Big Thanks to -- ' Boots ' -- Help from her was exactly what you will see on your phones in a bit. Excellent person and again, Thank you.

    Access paypal email to this Limited pack is here: obscurelimited@icloud.com

    How much will you send? That is for you to decide, but don't be cheap there..its over 250 icons and they are super crisp and detailed. You will love them, you have my word. Take some free time to browse between the Bundles and Alts and find your desired icon. It's there. If your icon is not themed, look for it, it is there, because I might be doing some mistake in naming it or..ask here, someone always know something.

    I remind you that this will NOT hit Cydia (but put your cydia # into paypal note anyway), and I reserve the right to stop it anytime.



    Jonathan Schimd

    After a lot of hard work. We are proud to present our theme.

    Another Flat theme?
    ∑ Yes, BUT different at the same time and with exquisite design.

    What devices and versions are supported?
    ∑ iPhone 5/5c/5s/6 and 6plus.
    ∑ iOS8

    What does this theme include?
    ∑ 120+ icons.
    ∑ ALL settings icons (including the ones from AppStore apps).
    ∑ StatusBar.
    ∑ UI (Mail, Clock, Music, AppStore, Safari, Camera, Cydia...).
    ∑ Widgets.
    ∑ Iconomatics.
    ∑ Badges.
    ∑ CustomCover themes.
    ∑ etc...

    What applications are recommended for this theme?
    ∑ Winterboard (really?).
    ∑ ClassicDock.
    ∑ Iconomatic.
    ∑ CustomCover.
    ∑ HomescreenDesigner/Boxy/Anchor, etc..
    ∑ ClassicBadges (i donít use it tho.).

    What applications need to use the Widgets?
    ∑ GroovyLock(+) or / and LockHTML 3/4.
    ∑ GroovyBoard(SBHTML) / GroovyBoard+.
    ∑ iWidgets.
    ∑ InfoStats.
    ∑ WidgetWeather2 (Optional).

    How much do I have to pay for this theme?
    ∑ $3.

    Where do i have to send the payment?
    ∑ Already available in Cydia.











    Control Center





    Tercio PSD


    Attached Thumbnails Tercio ..: your next theme :..-lz.png  
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    2015-03-28 07:20 PM
  2. Fdxgnd79's Avatar
    I'm in!!!!!
    2015-03-28 07:22 PM
  3. Mr.Coffee's Avatar
    Me too Tercio ..: your next theme :..

    Sendet from a Minimalistic 5s
    2015-03-28 07:35 PM
  4. mejemaka's Avatar
    Show us the icons!!!!!
    2015-03-28 07:48 PM
  5. Nsomnia34's Avatar
    I can only imagine how good this is going to look, cant wait!!
    2015-03-28 07:52 PM
  6. Mone's Avatar
    I cannot say much, except .. I'm looking forward to see some icon screenies .. and congrats to your theme Jona
    2015-03-28 07:53 PM
  7. zabrljanje's Avatar
    It's not hard to wait for a while, cause everyone knows that theme will be perfect
    2015-03-28 07:53 PM
  8. metaserph's Avatar
    Soon is not soon enough.
    "You can only attain Peace through spreading Love to create Unity and earn the Respect of others" - Complex Simplicity
    2015-03-28 08:04 PM
  9. FloP's Avatar
    Nice Mate
    2015-03-28 08:07 PM
  10. Schnedi's Avatar
    thanks guys

    i will post some screenshots later

    now i'm a bit busy!!
    2015-03-28 08:15 PM
  11. Matthews436's Avatar
    This should be awesome
    2015-03-28 08:26 PM
  12. Jschmid's Avatar
    Congrats for the release !
    Schnedi and I are doing the best we can to have this released as soon as possible, and the most important thing, is that we were, and still are, working many many hours to get this done, and to make it really surprising, as WE really think that will be.
    Schnedi will have the honour to bring wonderful setups, which I found to be super amazing, and also many "uber" surprises to you all.
    Keep still, enjoy the atmosphere and refresh this thread as WE are sure it will become very very interesting.
    2015-03-28 08:33 PM
  13. Toolysenegal's Avatar
    Can't wait to see the icons
    2015-03-28 08:50 PM
  14. Toolysenegal's Avatar
    Also do you have a Twitter?
    2015-03-28 08:51 PM
  15. metaserph's Avatar
    You don't tell "masters' how long to take to make masterpieces. Let it Phlo like it should. On it's time is the right Time.
    "You can only attain Peace through spreading Love to create Unity and earn the Respect of others" - Complex Simplicity
    2015-03-28 08:59 PM
  16. Mr.Coffee's Avatar
    @terciotheme Tercio ..: your next theme :..

    Sendet from a Minimalistic 5s
    2015-03-28 09:03 PM
  17. Schnedi's Avatar
    Few Screenshots Added!!
    2015-03-28 10:08 PM
  18. Matthews436's Avatar
    Yup.....take my money! I'm up for some of this Tercio ..: your next theme :..
    2015-03-28 10:09 PM
  19. ryan1mcq's Avatar
    Looks fresh guys great job, looking forward to it
    2015-03-28 10:23 PM
  20. ogkikz's Avatar
    Badazz!! When is ready?? Beta? Or it will hit cydia?
    2015-03-28 10:30 PM
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