1. m.sou's Avatar
    i have a .png file of the image of the whole bar dialer..i have looked over some tutorials on having to change the .artwork file but i'm afraid of messing something up.

    just wondering if any of you pros out there would be willing to help a newbie out?

    i was able to download one of the bar dialers in the downloads section and ssh them into the mobilephone.apps folder. i just wanted one with the .png i have from a previous dialer that worked with customize on 1.0.2
    2008-03-25 08:34 AM
  2. desepticon's Avatar
    if you look in the downloads (in templates) section theres a file called "create your own custom dialer" These are photoshop actions you can use to create a dialer from any image. The problem is on 1.1.3/4 changing a dialer is not as simple as changing one file. Youll have to unpack the mobilephonepackedimages.artwork file (theres a tutorial on the forum) using iphoneshop .06. This program CAN unpack/repack dialers despite being incompatable with some of the other .artwork files. Once you have it unpacked youll have to edit the images manually using the image you made in photoshop as a basis. After a little crop/copy/paste magic on your unpacked .artwork files you can repack according to the tutorial. Then copy your modded .artwork file back into mobilephone.app and your ready to go. Don't forget to make a backup first though!
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    2008-03-25 09:07 AM
  3. m.sou's Avatar
    yeah i saw that tutorial, it looks pretty complicated. thats the part i'm really scared of!
    2008-03-25 05:46 PM