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    I have two iPad Airs. One of them is running on iOS 8.4 and is jailbroken. The other I just updated to iOS 10.2. What I'm trying to do is extract the iOS 8.4 stock wallpaper so I can use it in my other iPad but for some strange reason when I use iFunbox or iExplorer many of the PNG files don't work in my other iPad. Only few of the images work. Even if I try to open them up in Photoshop I get an error. Almost as if they were corrupt. Maybe I'm exporting the PNG files from the wrong location??

    I also noticed the color of the thumb and the actual wallpaper are different. See attachment to what I mean.

    How to export iOS 8.4 iPad Air Stock Wallpaper-wall.jpg
    2017-01-28 03:23 AM