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    I used Saigon and cydia impactor to jailbreak my iphone 6 Plus iOS version 10.2.1. Everything works just fine and I installed some tweaks in cydia. The last tweak that cause (I think) the iphone keeps restart to safe mode every time pressing on the power button to turn on/off the screen lock is the Background Killers and Swipe....
    I did remove all the tweaks that were installed from cydia but the phone still restart to safemore when the screen turn off or (press power button to turn off screen). It only go to safe mode when jailbreak kicked on. With No jailbreak, it work as normal. If anyone run into this problem ? Please help me to fix this or show me where I can download the tool to erase the jailbreak content and re_jailbreak again.
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    This forum very much dead
    2017-11-15 03:14 PM
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    This forum very much dead
    They finally just today turned back on Tapatalk access. Hopefully things will pick up again. But they may have killed the forum with all the changes. Ugh. A real shame.
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    This Forums has some can get some solutions or suggestions to fix iPhone stuck on boot screen ,
    You should put it in the corresponding forums.
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