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    Well.. Jonathan Levin (@morpheus) has done it for us! Those of us that were paying attention to the Twitter-verse for last few months knew that it was time to make sure we got ourselves downgraded to 11.1.2 before the Apple signing window closed. Thanks to IanBeers' Project Zero exploits a new jailbreak for iOS11 is now available - for all 64 bit devices including iPhone 5S/6/6Plus/6S/6SPlus/7/7Plus/8/8Plus/X and most 64bit iPads.

    It's NOT a USEABLE Jailbreak yet - in the sense that Saurik hasn't updated Cydia or Cydia Substrate yet. So there's nothing we can DO with this jailbreak yet - except that it prevents Apple auto updating its firmware. It also allows SSH access but that's not something the average jailbreaker knows how to do without other stuff running. You know me.. I like to jump in first once I know the 'tool itself' is fairly stable - and for those of you who followed the 10.1.1 YaluJailbreak thread.. you know that was a very UNSTABLE piece of crap for a while. Yalu102 was much better.

    Well this one is really quite good - from all I've read from the movers and shakers including Saurik.

    If you're already on 11.2 or 11.2.1 this WILL NOT WORK for you. You needed to stay on 11.1.2. If you saved your 11.1.2 blobs while 11.1.2 was still being signed.. then you're in luck as you can downgrade back to 11.1.2 if you're already on 11.2/11.2.1 with ithmstar's 'futurerestore' tool (won't be addressed here).

    Only use the tool LiberiOS if you're one of those confident ones who likes to dive in early JUST to be jailbroken even if we're waiting for much more.

    It's the same kind of semi-tethered tool we've had for 9.3.3, 10.1.1 and 10.2 for quite some time. You sideload the tool with CydiaImpactor from your computer, trust the cert and then clik on the tool - choose DO IT and in 20 seconds you're done.

    The tool will expire in 7 days too though a little birdies tells me that 'someone' is working on Extender for this tool as well. So more to come.

    Get Cydia Impacotr here: Cydia Impactor
    Get LiberiOS jb tool ipa from here: LiberiOS - Now liberating *OS up to (but not including) 11.2

    That's all for now. More to come as we get Cydia up and running and Cydia Substrate fixed.
    2018-08-24 03:35 AM

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