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    v.2.1 /1.6
    Added feature to choose between city or neighbourhood for the location naming.
    Download links adjusted!

    This is a new updated version of the old time favourite WeatherElements.
    It is now called WeatherElements2018 and brought to you by BigDuke & The Weather Elements Team!
    The updates include that it will get the data from widgetweather.xml rather the now depreciated weatherUnderground feed. Because of that there is a lot of data available, which are shown on 2 different windows, one for 24 hourly forecast and one for 9-day forecast, which can be opened, closed and switched by double tapping the left (hourly) or the right (daily) arrows.
    In the extensive customisation (config.js) through XenHTML interface you can choose between weather animation, which is based on Ian & Dacal's UniAW, or if "Animation"is turned off then it will show the old fullscreen weather icons.
    Here are 2 examples.
    Sunny with Animation on

    Sunny with Animation off

    Rainy with Animation on

    Rainy with Animation off

    Double tap the left side arrow to open the hourly forecast which looks like this

    Now you can single touch each hourly icon and you will see a weather summary below.
    You also can change the icons, there are 6 set available to choose from, but adding your own set is very simple.
    Just add a new folder, called "set7", into /WP/icons and in config.js just enter 7 for your iconset, which need to be in Yahoo code format, e.g. 0.png to 47.png.
    You can have a different iconset for the daily forecast, which you can open by double tapping the right side arrow and it looks like this.

    That is the default display with today's info at the bottom, including some additional data like GPS location, battery charge level and available free RAM and how much it is of the total RAM.
    If you single touch any day weather icon the bottom display will change to something like this.

    That will give you some additional data for that day/night.
    Touch the same day weather icon again and you come back to the default today's bottom display.

    Customisation is through XenHTML, which will read the config.js and save you personal setup.
    As there is quite a lot you can setup, WeatherElements2018 comes already with a default config.js. You can change that to what you like.
    There are 2 more config-XX.js included, one for german setup and one for english setup, default config.js is english setup.
    Rather than showing tons of screenshot to show all options here you see what it looks like when you use XenHTML for setup.


    Tap the center button at the bottom to open the setup, which looks like this.
    And here is the config.js content to show you what can be changed.

    var lang = "en"; // de for Deutsch, en for english
    var Animation = true; // true to show weather animation, false to turn off weather animation
    var wallBG = "rocky"; // user for your default Wall, basic, classic, grassy or rocky for WeatherElements Walls
    var iconsetH = "1"; // Iconset HourForcast: 1 for "HTC", 2 for "Merlin the Red", 3 for "CLEAR from Chevymusclecar", 4 for "Outlined White", 5 for "Noctum", 6 for "Lenovo"
    var iconsetD = "3"; // Iconset DayForcast: 1 for "HTC", 2 for "Merlin the Red", 3 for "CLEAR from Chevymusclecar", 4 for "Outlined White", 5 for "Noctum", 6 for "Lenovo"
    var citypos = "v"; // h for horizontal, v for vertical (left side) or n for hidden
    var cityNeigh = "n";// n for neighbourhood, c for city
    var NoSeconds = true; // true for NO seconds, fasle for showing seconds
    var DateFormat = "dmy";//dmy for Day, Day-No. Month Year (e.g. Friday, 13. May 2018), mdy for Day, Month Day-No, Year (e.g. Friday, May 13, 2018)
    var NoRefresh = "2"; // Minutes between auto reloading, aka updating
    var ianMeteor = true; // true will show Ian's meteors sideway fall, false will show different falling path
    var snowNo = "60"; // Number of snowflakes to fall
    var thunderNo = "4"; // Number of thunder
    var lightNo = "4"; // Number of lightning
    var dropNo = "60"; // Number of rain drops to fall
    var circleNo = "20"; // Number of rain circles to show on display
    var wireNo = "40"; // Number of wire rain to fall
    var sleetNo = "60"; // Number of sleet drops to fall
    var hailNo = "40"; // Number of hail drops to fall
    var fairNo = "4"; // Number of fair weather clouds to show
    var meteorNo = "10"; // Number of meteors to fall from the sky
    var starNo = "12"; // Number of stars to twinkle
    var leaveNo = "30"; // Number of leaves to blow across the screen
    var cloudNo = "8"; // Number of clouds to float across the screen
    var showWind = true; // true shows wind effects, false will not show any
    var strongWind = "10"; // Windspeed, above wind effects are shown, below that number no wind effects
    var frostShow = true; // true will show frost overlay, false means no frost overlay display
    var classicRain = true; // true shows classic rain (dropNo), false will not show
    var circleRain = true; // true shows circle rain (circleNo), false will not show
    var wireRain = true; // true shows wire rain (wireNo), false will not show
    var wiperRain = true; // true will show the wiper, false will not show
    var myHour = "Hour"; // Hour
    var myCondition = "Weather"; // Weather condition Hourforecast
    var myDay = "Daytime"; // Weather condition during the day
    var myNight = "Nights"; // Weather condition at night
    var myWindspeed = "Wind"; // Windspeed
    var myFeels = "Feels"; // Feels like
    var myDewpoint = "Dewpoint"; // Dewpoint
    var myPrecip = "Type"; // Type of Precipitation.
    var myPressure = "Pressure"; // Pressure in mbar or inHg.
    var myWindDir = "Direction"; // Wind direction
    var myUV = "UV-Index"; // UV-Index
    var myPop = "Pop"; // Percentage of possibility of rain/snow/etc
    var mySunUp = "Sunrise"; // Sunrise
    var mySunDown = "Sunset"; // Sunset
    var myMoonUp = "Moonrise"; // Moon rise
    var myMoonDown = "Moonset"; // Moon set
    var myWind = "Wind"; // Wind speed and direction
    var myLo = "min."; // Low temperature for today
    var myHi = "max."; // High temperature for today
    var myHumidity = "Humidity"; // Humidity in %
    var myVisibility = "Visibility"; // Visibility in kilometers/miles
    var myGPS = "Location"; // My current GPS coordinates
    var myUpdate = "Updated"; // Updated
    var myBattery = "Battery Charge"; // Battery charge level
    var myRAM = "Free RAM"; // Free RAM
    This works on iOS 11.3.1, on iPhone's and iPad.
    You need to have WidgetWeather 3.5 and XenHTML installed. You can get those from the following Cydia repos.
    WidgetWeather3.5: Home - newD
    XenHTML: Xen Cydia repository

    However there is also a "Special Edition", WeatherElements2018-maps.
    For that you need a Google Maps Javascript API Key, which is free and you can get it from
    Get API Key | Maps JavaScript API
    | Google Developers

    Once you got your Google Maps Javascript API Key you have to enter it into the LockBackground.html file at line 10, so near the top, where it says.
    <script src=""></script>
    Just replace "YOUR_GOOGLE_MAPS_JAVASCRIPT_API_KEY" with your Google Maps Javascript API key.
    This is now needed to get Google Maps to display your location, in satellite view. You get there by double tapping the city name, as long as it is displayed. Will not work if you set "n" as citypos in config.js. It will look like this.

    Google Maps is fully interactive, so you can pan and zoom, change to map view or street view, which also allows you to use the iPhone/iPad gyro to move around.
    Below is a quick video (39s and 33.7MB) from my iPad with street view.

    Sadly street view does not work on my iPhone SE, Google Maps just closes, but people with the iPhone X have been able to use street view.
    To go back to the main window just double tap the "Back" button.

    As each deb package is about 106MB, I have put them on my server and not on a file sharing site.


    WeatherElements2018-maps "Special Edition"-Download
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    Nothing is impossible only miracles take a bit longer!
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    New feature added:choose between neighbourhood or city for your location name.
    Nothing is impossible only miracles take a bit longer!
    2018-10-06 10:23 AM
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    Now that Cydia is working under iOS12. Here is the WeatherElements2018-maps v. 1.6 as a deb file. Just install with Filza and then you can deinstall with Cydia.
    Don't forget to add your Google Maps Javascript API Key in LockBackground.html.
    Change in v.1.6 is the option to have battery image and percentage displayed on main window, default is off!
    Nothing is impossible only miracles take a bit longer!
    2019-02-23 05:35 PM

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