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    What does this do?

    This is a Photoshop/GIMP format file that allows you to make professional-looking icons in under 2 minutes. All you have to do is set a background color, add a picture, and save.

    How do the icons come out?

    Sample of an icon I made:

    (I am friends with The Spicy Chicken. I cleaned up the current icon for him. This will be the icon for the next Customize release)


    Something that can open images in Psd format like Photoshop or GIMP.

    Download Link - New Version (March 26)

    Tutorial on how to use in GIMP coming soon!
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    2008-03-26 12:50 AM
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    2008-03-26 01:50 AM
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    cool thx bro
    2008-03-26 01:15 PM
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    thnx for this I'll try it out.
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    2008-03-26 02:23 PM
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    awesome i'm ready to make some realize one now
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    2008-03-26 03:04 PM
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    Why cant I see the sample ??
    2008-03-26 03:29 PM
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    dead link brother. is it possible to put another one? thanks
    2008-03-26 09:18 PM
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    The download link isn't broken, it's perfectly fine.

    EDIT: I uploaded a new version. This one is cleaner, and has the little metal border thingy that is on some icons.
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    2008-03-26 10:21 PM