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    Hi all, i was just wondering, how exactly do you install some of the images that are on this sites download area. Some all i have to do is drag the folder to the area on the iphone browser and they will become useable. others dont. For example, with signal bars, when i drag the files into the correct catigory in the browser, they all will show up in customize, except each signal bar will be an option. So instead of them all being one option, they all become their own option. Any idea on how to fix this. Thanks guys!


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    usually there is one extra image in the folder without a # next to it u have to add that extra image in there named correctly (if they packed it right) and then that'll be the image to show.

    for example if it were battery images it might look like battery1,battery2-17 then it might be anutha (full battery image, like the 17th) and it'll be battery.png something like that.

    In a nutshell just add that extra image if there is none copy the last image and put it in urself.
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