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  1. Trent J.'s Avatar
    How does everybody edit all of these things?

    Such as the SMS Bubbles and stuff?

    Is there like a secret set of .Psd's that I don't know about?

    Cause How else would they get gradients and stuff as SMS Balloons?
    Proud MMi Retired Moderator.
    2007-10-09 12:37 AM
  2. Jasper44's Avatar
    All the stock apple images are in the downloads sections. So you just open the sms balloon in photoshop or whatever editing program and change the color.
    2007-10-09 01:08 AM
  3. Trent J.'s Avatar
    I figured it out now.. I did it my own way =]]]

    Well, now I am accepting requests for multi-tone SMS bubbles at This thread...
    Proud MMi Retired Moderator.
    2007-10-09 01:35 AM