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    hi there,

    i want to make a custom leopard theme but cant find the really original dock icons for mobilephone, mobilemusicplayer, mobilemail and mobilesafari.

    i checked the one in the "Stock Iphone Main Display Folder" available for download here, but it seems three of them arn't exactely the right ones because there are a little bit smaller.
    (see test.png for how far i came 'til now)

    then i found the download for "iPhone_images_cash_fixed" and extracted the icons from the .app directories. but why are icons for mail, safari and phone are some kind of inverted color? (see icon.png)

    could someone please help me in getting the original sized and colored icons so i can use them to get the reflection done right? thanks a lot,

    Attached Thumbnails where to find the original dock icons-test.png  
    Attached Images where to find the original dock icons-icon.png 
    2007-10-12 01:35 PM
  2. SioSae's Avatar
    does now one know how to get the original icons for the native dock apps?
    2007-10-14 09:29 PM