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    I wanted the TiggerGC theme but the 1.1.4 customize doesnt have the dialer and i made the PNg files myself but i dont know how to use iphone shop on window vista so i was wondering if someone can pack them and make the .artwork file for me?

    this is the png already in the folders and everything
    2008-04-02 05:51 AM
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    I made a MobilePhonePackedImages.artwork for you but you'll need to seperate the images for call, call depressed and add them to the Mobilephone.app folder for it to work as you want it.

    mobilephonepackedimages.artwork - 1.36MB

    I had to do a little tweaking of the images to get them into an .artwork file. I cropped the numbers part and the header part each into their own separate files cause thats the way it works on 1.1.4

    ps. also you need to copy over the images for delete/deletepressed, and addcontact/addcontactdepressed as these dont go into an artwork file

    Also: do you think you can help me out with my dialer. I have images for addcontact and delete but they dont have the appropriate icons on them (the standard white ones would look good). Also I need the pressed versions of these. Thanks if you can help.

    addcontact/delete files:
    archive.zip - 0.13MB

    pressed versions should match this:
    keypad_pressed.png - 0.02MB

    I i forgot. If its not too much trouble could you also make a callbutton/callbutton deppressed using this image?
    callbutton.png - 0.02MB

    heres what i have so far:

    you can download it here if you want:http://www.modmyi.com/forums/downloa...o=file&id=3601

    how do make that glassy effect on your header? I tried to fake it on mine with a two tone but it doesnt look quite right.
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    2008-04-02 06:36 AM
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    Well this is all i could do, i try my best. Tell me if there anything that needs to be fix, oh yeah i try edit the lcd so it look glossy for ya


    P.s. some reason i cant get my tigger dialer to come up..like the delete button show and the add then everything else is blank or like white line burry thingys through it. if you dont mind could you repack mine for me with the call png files in them and yeah i copy all the stuff over through winscp but i dont know whats wrong

    here the link for my png files again if ya dont mind. this time with the call button http://www.zshare.net/download/999024352b309d/
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    2008-04-03 02:08 AM
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    what firmware are you on?

    if its 1.1.3/4 the dialer part of the screen, and the header (the part with the glassy effect) have to be seperate images from the addcontact/delete/call buttons. The dialer part has to be 320x273 and the header has to be 8x73 with and alpha mask that makes the whole image 8x128. When I made your files I did it the same way i made mine by crop/copy/pasting the appropriate parts on the the appropriate files and it worked on mine. It should have worked? I'll try doing it again and will post it sometime tomorrow. It's after 2:00am here and im goin to sleep. Thanks for your help though! Greatly appreciated!

    ps: I just figured out that the call button has to be a repeating image of 3x64 sort of like how the header works. I used the header you made for me to make a more matching call button. The images to edit are callbkgnd.png and callbkgnd_pressed.png inside MobilePhone.app

    also: heres an original unpacked .artwork file so you can see what the images should look like
    pngs.zip - 0.07MB

    heres another copy of the .artwork file you wanted for your tigger theme. I tested it on my phone and it works fine. It still needs a pressed version of the dial portion to be complete though.
    mobilephonepackedimages.artwork - 1.36MB
    also, heres a copy of the your dialpad that needs a pressed version. if you make one I can add it to the .artwork file
    mobilephonepackedimages-30.png - 0.07MB

    p.s.s: I like how you made the pressed versions of the addcontact delete buttons. Do you think you could make one for my theme using this image? You'd just need to add that flash effect ontop of each of numbers/symbols as is.
    mobilephonepackedimages-30.png - 0.20MB

    heres my theme so far, looking pretty good. Thanks a lot.

    like I said above, its impossible to make a picture as a callbutton background. It has to be a repeating image. You'll have to do something similar for your theme, but since its mostly black it shouldnt be a problem. You'll also have to edit the callglyph pngs to make your orange call button.

    edit: i figured out how to make call button image show up. you have to edit the callglyph_big.png image inside mobilephone.app. its not part of the .artwork file
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    2008-04-03 09:56 AM
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    is this what you mean by the pressed version of dialpad? if it is ill do yours too

    haha sorry if its too bright, usually the thing i do is in adobe photoshop under filter>render>lens flare..but if you do to many on one picture it tends to get very bright. i havent learn any other way yet to do the button pressed yet but im play around tonight and see if i can find anything. for now this is all i can come up withs

    and um i try with the new packimage thing you did for me but now like only the defaultdialer shows and onlything that turn to tigger is delete and add button..like the tigger pad comes up for like split second then it goes to default
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    2008-04-04 11:59 AM
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    thats odd that it doesn't work for you. I tested it on my phone and it worked fine. hmm. Are you on 1.1.3/4? try respringing or force quitting mobilephone.app. maybe a permissions problem? try playing around with chmod commands.(probably 755)

    these are the files you need to replace in mobilephone.app to mod your dialer:
    MobilePhonePackedImages.artwork(make sure the capitalizations are correct, this may be the problem)
    (the below images effect the call button)
    callglyph_big.png(for the call button itself)

    here is a screenshot I took off my phone. the .artwork file is working (I didn't bother to change out the bottom buttons as you said they were working)

    heres and updated .artwork file with the pressed dialpad added
    mobilephonepackedimages.artwork - 1.36MB
    make sure to fix the capitilizations. for some reason zshare alters this.
    you'll have to play around with callglyph_big.png to make the call button. it took forever to get mine to show up in right spot. it kept being shown off centered for a while. I had to play around with the alpha mask and the positioning of the image over it to get it right. (its still a tad off on mine but it was the closest I could get it.) I wasn't able to use the pressed version of the callbutton you made for me. I don't think it will be able to work that way. What I ended up doing was making the lettering transparent and have the callbkgrd.png set to white and the callbkgnd_pressed.png set to green that would show through when it was pressed. you'll have to do something similar, like having the white parts transparent and change to orange when there pressed.
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    oh yeah it was the lowercasing the artwork.thanks for the help
    2008-04-05 08:45 AM
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    your welcome
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    2008-04-05 08:52 AM
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    When you create the images how do you
    save as .artwork file?
    2008-04-08 11:12 AM