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    i have a new system for loading backgrounds, based on jakeyboys (great job!)

    This is the updated image!

    so this is my system. which basically is a knock off of the first guys jakeyboys and lor

    1. i choose a background
    2. i change the displayorder to include the demoapp or you could use testfield but i used demoapp so now it appears at the botom left corner of my screen right above the dock.
    3. i used the matrix's background image and opened it in photoshop along with my chosen background. I used the matrix background to see how big the screen should be, but unlike the matrix he uses the settings button as the background, Iam going to use the demoapp button to do the same thing. FOR this case, if you open the matrix background, and get your background, it should be about the same "picture space" as the matrix, if you notice the matrix has not only the background image, but some black around (THIS IS IMPORTANT so keep it!) since he used the settings button , his image placement is a bit difference, for my example i would place it as far right as possible and a bit up, so some black should be showing at the bottom, about 100pxs to start.
    3. i upload the background image (icon.png) to the /Applications/DemoApp.app directory
    4. from here on in, its about trial and error. so i adjust accordingly to fit the entire screen, if you have a black line at the top or left or right of the screen to remove that you need to ADD more black to the opposite side, so if there is a black line on the leftside of the screen, add more black to the right, start at around 50pxs and it SHOULD start to go away. the matrix "picture image" is PERFECT and should fill the screen so if your background image is the same picture size as it all you need to do is move it around or add black to the edges.
    5. once you got all of that done, comes the hard part. what I did was get one of the buttons (the calendar one to be exact) and I spaced it out along like the icons would appear, but instead of leaving the icons on the desktop, i punched out holes where those icons would be. WHY? you ask, well so that the icons that are really there can show through. why go through the trouble? well for one, when you press on the icons, they will glow (something i enjoy seeing) secondly things like the calendar will work. so if your any good with photoshop you know, put the icon into a new layer, use the magic wand, hit it once, inverse the marquee and then click on your background layer then hit delete, it will then punch out of transparent hole (assuming your photoshop background is a transparent layer).
    6. rinse and repeat for ALL buttons (dont get me wrong this takes a TON of time (2 days for me) but when its finished it looks nice.
    7. i also added in the text that is missing on the background layer below each transparent hole.

    If you have the REGULAR default icons, you are in luck because so do i, and i have punched out the holes. of course they are not "PERFECT" but very very close. however, my display order may be different so i will pack my psd so that you can move the words around. I also used a vista font, so if you dont have vista you may need to get it its call constania (or something).

    a few highlights and things this accomplishes over the current way (and by far a much easier way but....) this will solve the whole screen highlighting, this will solve the calendar not working, this will solve buttons not lighting up. now if these little things dont bother you, i will say putting the images strait on the background is BY FAR EASIER and if you just use my Demo.APP part of this, then your set, ive done it, and it looks great and works great. These are just some work arounds i thought about.

    I have another project iam working on, very similar to this which do a mod but its not so difficult.

    MAD and i mean MAD props go out to both lorin and jakeyboy both of which if wasnt for them i wouldnt have the ability nor the guts to do this. so i thank them. and to the forum admins! pf cash and company, even though cash said this was perverted! hehe good luck.

    I will get my pack in the downloads section once i can get a decent picture of it
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    2007-07-22 01:07 AM
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    You have perverted your iPhone.
    2007-07-22 04:13 AM
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    You have perverted your iPhone.
    2007-07-22 05:08 AM
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    threads been updated with the new instructions. give me feedback or questions ill be happy to field them,.
    2007-07-22 06:36 AM
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    Hmmm looks good.
    2007-07-22 06:43 PM
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    Nice! Up the skin with the .psd as well, so we can tweak and enjoy! Only thing with this one is the notification icons are slightly cut off, but its VERY close to a perfect implementation of the background idea.

    Way to go.

    Get a good screenshot!
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    2007-07-23 12:23 AM
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    how do you move the demo app? im new to this lol
    2007-07-23 02:35 AM
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    By editing the DisplayOrder.plist file.

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    2007-07-23 02:52 AM
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    what do i edit it with? im on windows xp and i opened it with wordpad and i get this

    — _displayIdentifier_com.apple.mobilephone— _com.apple.mobilemail—
    _com.apple.mobileipod¨!#%—_com.appl e.MobileSMS—_com.apple.mobilecal—_ com.apple.mobileslideshow-Photos—_ com.apple.mobileslideshow-Camera—_com.apple.youtube—_com.apple.stock s—^com.apple.Maps—_com.apple.weather— _com.apple.mobiletimer—"_com.apple.calculator —$_com.apple.mobilenotes—&_com.apple.Prefere nces§(*,.—)_com.apple.springboard—+_com.appl e.fieldtest—-_com.apple.DemoApp—/_com.apple.MALogger
    2007-07-23 03:00 AM
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    2007-07-23 03:12 AM
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    You need to use this one, which has been converted from binary to .xml.

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    2007-07-23 03:16 AM
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    New image coming soon! -pf

    also from pf's request, although its not commented or anything, just a raw psd file and my displayorder.plist file so you can try it out. please note icons may vary. I think i put my dock icons (except the sms one) in downloads.


    ps: to-pf
    i think we should consider separating the download section from homeicons (which i guess backgrounds are currently) to maybe a background folder? and then maybe a full theme folder which will be skin+icons or just a full theme or skin folder, which would include dock/icons/background/displayorder etc. just a thought.
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    we'll consider it
    2007-07-23 05:26 AM
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    awesome!! Nice Arthurs. I like this concept. I've just seen this for the first time. I think the only dilema would be even if we cut holes for all the notifcations. what would show through the transparancy?

    Then again.... If you moved the only 4 icons that have notifications to the bottom dock... ex.. calender-phone-sms-and email we wouldnt have to worry about that and we might have a flawless background without cutting any holes. What do you guys think?
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    2007-07-23 05:30 AM
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    I've been thinking that same thing... notification icons on bottom, the rest on top. That's pretty much the way to go I think.

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    2007-07-23 06:16 AM
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    thats a good idea, i plan to redo the dock to a more vista style dock and do those icons, that will be in RC2

    btw- new picture upload, hopefully more helpful.
    2007-07-23 06:38 AM
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    Nice. Ya I think I am gonna work on that too. Great Idea though.

    Oh... ps. If you touch below in the "empty space" for demo app" does it take you there?
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    2007-07-23 07:27 AM
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    Nice. Ya I think I am gonna work on that too. Great Idea though.

    Oh... ps. If you touch below in the "empty space" for demo app" does it take you there?
    yeah the demo app appears, turns your screen black
    2007-07-23 08:44 AM
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    got ya. Hey I moved things around and the notification files on bottom is the way to go!!! I mean. what do you really use most on your phone anyway? calender-phone-text-email and thats the order I put them on the lower dock with a new skin
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    2007-07-23 04:41 PM
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    thats cool, the good thing about this method is you can then place almost any image inplace of the bliss very simply and easily. only downside is changing the icons take a lot of work, unless you use the standard.
    2007-07-23 07:12 PM
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