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  1. j0hnnyw3st's Avatar
    alright, first off, i dont have an iphone but i get it in the mail on monday, but i figured i might as well get a jump start at this.

    what i have done is created the main 12 icons with a background in photoshop behind them, what i was wondering was can i just use the marquee tool and vaguely crop each one out and make it an icon.png?
    or do they all have to be a specific, same, size?

    2007-07-22 05:05 AM
  2. arthursdomain's Avatar
    well if your just gonna change buttons, then i would suggest you use transparent backgrounds, put and image on that, make the image size 60x60px's then you should be okay.

    all icons do not need to be the same size but we normally set them about 60x60 they dont need to be and can be as large as you like, but there are consequences ... hehe no harm, just a loss of other buttons possibly. but good rule of thumb, canvas size 60x60 and feel free to go nuts from there within that box.

    if your talking about the new wallpapering project, it gets more complicated and you should read one of the write ups on how to do that.
    2007-07-22 06:01 AM
  3. j0hnnyw3st's Avatar
    do you have any suggestions on good writeups for the ones with backgrounds? because ive read a few and they arnt that in depth on how to make your own.
    2007-07-22 06:06 AM
  4. arthursdomain's Avatar
    well I think there are only two ATM, not sure if lor made one yet. Check the wiki , I'm on my iPhone so linking is a prob . Click on the wiki button at the top for yue offical write up. I also just released one, no practice files yet ( coming soon ). Its In this section called windows background. You may want to start with jakeyboys one first in the wiki though. And f you are really new you may want to start off smaller first. Good luck either way
    2007-07-22 06:40 AM