1. dragnandy's Avatar
    my little cousin, hes 5, was playing with my ipod touch and he put a passcode lock on it and he doesnt remember what it was. i am seriously pissed because i cant even access anything! is there a way to like get passed the locked part? would reflashing the firmware or updating it work?
    2008-04-03 08:23 AM
  2. desepticon's Avatar
    lol. i guess you have to restore in itunes. Unless anyone else has another suggestion?
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    2008-04-03 08:29 AM
  3. jakecigar's Avatar
    do you have ssh access into your ipot?
    there's 1 record in


    that has the encoded password. are you ready to delete that record or

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    2008-04-03 08:58 AM
  4. dragnandy's Avatar
    whats the ssh access? and what do you mean by delete that record? what record?

    what happens when i restore it with itunes? how do i do that? im assuming itll erase everything?
    2008-04-03 09:35 AM
  5. desepticon's Avatar
    if you dont know what ssh is than I guess you dont have OpenSSH installed and will have to restore. Yes you will lose everything and you will have to jailbreak/unlock all over again.

    CLick the restore button in iTunes and set up as a NEW phone(very important)

    also, you could ask your cousin if he remembers ANY of the numbers and you could try entering all possible combinations of passwords(could take a while. 10x10x10x10=100,000 possible combinations. lol)
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    My brother was eaten by wolves on the NJ Turnpike.
    2008-04-03 09:45 AM
  6. dragnandy's Avatar
    currently i dont have access to my laptop, where i originally plugged my ipod touch into to work with itunes, so when i plug it into my computer at home, it asks to enter the passcode.. so im stuck again. is there another way being that i dont have my laptop with me for a while?
    2008-04-03 09:53 AM
  7. scottvalentine's Avatar
    put it into recovery mode before u connect it
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    2008-04-03 10:06 AM
  8. iFilipino's Avatar
    Hold the power/lock and home button until the iTunes logo comes up...now restore.
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    2008-04-04 02:29 AM
  9. dragnandy's Avatar
    how do i put it in recovery mode? and how would i get it out of recovery mode afterwards?
    2008-04-04 02:30 AM
  10. iFilipino's Avatar
    Just do what I told you to do, it's fool-proof.
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    2008-04-04 02:32 AM
  11. dragnandy's Avatar
    thanks. you posted right before me so i didnt see it. thanks though.
    2008-04-04 02:40 AM
  12. iFilipino's Avatar
    Alright, update is if it worked.
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    2008-04-04 02:43 AM
  13. dragnandy's Avatar
    thanks ill try it ASAP. and just a quick off topic question, if im going to hack or jailbreak the touch, is pwnage better or ziphone? do they both do the same thing?
    2008-04-04 02:44 AM
  14. iFilipino's Avatar
    DO NOT USE PWNAGE!!! It's is ONLY for the iPhone. Try iLiberty, it's iLiberty and iPlus in one. Nice little package.
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    2008-04-04 02:47 AM
  15. dragnandy's Avatar
    oh, ok thanks. =] well how about the ziphone? i read it works with only the 8gb for some reason, which is the one i have (lucky me). what does iLiberty do that the ziphone doesnt?
    2008-04-04 04:08 AM
  16. UltimateIpodHacker's Avatar
    Dont you ZiPhone it crashes your Itouch.
    My best vote is for the iLiberty+ it works REALLY fast and ive used it 10+ times all working.
    2008-04-05 12:42 AM
  17. iFilipino's Avatar
    iLiberty is a two in one package, especially built for all versions of the iPod touch, ZiPhone was built for the iPhone, but you can experiment with both.
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    2008-04-05 01:07 AM
  18. Mars478's Avatar
    Hey Pwnage WOrks with the iPod I even tried it and i pwned it
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    2008-04-05 01:12 AM
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    2008-04-05 08:40 AM
  20. iFilipino's Avatar
    marsman, show me a video and I will believe you.
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    2008-04-05 06:00 PM
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