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    Version 2.1

    I don't know if this constitues a NEW thread.. but I made little updates again.. Mainly with the bottom half.. The icons should be a little bigger and clearer.. covered up the IPOD and PHONE text.. I'll just keep one thread, MODS can delete all the others.. I'll just update this one with new screens and descriptions!
    Come to think about it.. this is morphing into an TV Theme, and not so much Gunmetal.. But that's the name that stuck so oh wells..


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    2007-07-22 10:54 AM
  2. CyberGreg's Avatar
    Oh man, your theme just keeps getting better and better. I like the change to the dock area, the blue adds like depth to it and makes it seem like the Apple logo is floating.

    Very nice...
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    2007-07-22 04:20 PM
  3. digitalintrigue's Avatar
    Nice updates. I installed 2.0 last night, but today iTunes gives me an error and now I have to restore and do it again...so I can install this latest one.
    2007-07-22 07:18 PM
  4. Shimizu1006's Avatar
    Man this theme is awsome! Its annoying that we have to reload everything each time but its definately worth it! Thanks!
    2007-07-22 09:40 PM
  5. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
    Mirrored! I love the look of the icons on the bottom.

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    2007-07-22 10:21 PM
  6. xIxAMxHOLLYWOODx's Avatar
    sorry, noob here, I really like this look. Is there something that makes it easy to copy to my iphone rather than typing everything in line by line. I know CMD for windows doesnt have copy and paste, but does anyone have an exact list of what needs to be typed in?
    2007-07-22 10:59 PM
  7. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
    No sir, not yet. Well, not for OS X, but in Windows, you can use Manzana.

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    2007-07-22 11:09 PM
  8. xIxAMxHOLLYWOODx's Avatar
    has anyone successfully uploaded this skin pack using windows?
    2007-07-23 04:39 AM
  9. Jasper44's Avatar
    has anyone successfully uploaded this skin pack using windows?
    Yes, it's really easy. Just get Manzana and then all you have to do is drag n drop.
    2007-07-23 04:43 AM
  10. xIxAMxHOLLYWOODx's Avatar
    can you make this icons into the same style as the others in this pack? I have them on my phone right now, but it still shows the text underneath. also, can you make a transparent icon that also hides the text. Im trying to space my mail and safari icons on either side of the screen on the bottom row. The only way I can seem to get it to work is to put a transparent icon up for the fieldtest and demoapp icons, but now it has the two blank spots with text underneath (fieldtest and demoapp)
    Attached Images Gunmetal 2.X-icon.png Gunmetal 2.X-safari.png 
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    2007-07-23 06:41 AM
  11. pospower's Avatar
    I have the same request. Only for these Icons. If you could Gun them or just take out the text I would be forever Grateful. Keep up the Unreal Work!!!
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    2007-07-23 04:00 PM