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    Hi everyone, I just wanted too pop on and give an update, im now 341 days gambling free, I can't believe its nearly been a year. Im not gonna sit here and say its a piece of cake because it really is not, but I just want too acknowledge my journey and give myself a pat on the back. For others struggling I just want too reassure you there is hope, I was in a dark place when I first come on gamcare, but with help, I got on the right track. It is possible! Is it a battle yes! But with firstly being honest with yourself and others and secondly wanting a change thats the start of your journey. If you look back on my previous posts you will see I understand and have been through a fight myself. Please Take care and give yourself some self love because beating yourself up only makes the trap of gambling harder too resist. It was my escape from my feelings but its a false sense of security thats the thing with any addiction, helps for a short period before it bites you on the b*m. THERES HOPE. THERES HELP, THERES PEOPLE WHO UNDERSTAND, YOUR NOT ALONE💖
    2022-03-31 07:20 PM
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    Well game addiction is could be hard to cope with. It can be hard to tell when a love of gaming https://mо has crossed into the danger zone and you face with a big problem. You have to learn the warning signs that can alert you to a problem. And you are strong person that can cope with all that.
    2022-04-02 02:38 PM

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