Bought a stolen iPhone 4s

  1. iNeighbor
    One of my cousins friend sold me an iPhone 4s , I bought it for 200$ Thinking it was a great idea. I turned it on it said " iPhone " then it had like where you live and all that crap and that i need a sim card to activate it. But i was worried cause the other day my cousin said " it was stolen " There was no way of getting my money back. My cousins friend is in new york for 2 months. So i was just wondering if i got a sim card and had a pay on the GO plan would it work? I asked people they said you can just put a sim card to activate it then put it on airplane mode then jailbreak it with the iOS 5.0.1 AND use it as a ipod touch. I would return it to the owner if i knew who it was.
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