Mac Users

  1. Kaas
    what's that? doesn't work, disabled in syspreffs i think
  2. eyecandy0420
    I'm glad that there is finally a Mac users group! You guys may already know this but I thought I would give you this tip anyways. When I surf (forums,google,or what have you) I don't like to enter a thread, and then have to hit back and wait for the page to load and take you back to where you what I do is Command-Click the link, thread and it will open up a new tab for you.
  3. Chase817
    great job everyone! this is the largest group so far. keep up the good work and spread the word! 
  4. Aiyo
    >.< pro master aiyo has joined
  5. Sirius389
    Hey everyone =)
  6. trilogy069
    Nice to be part of an elite group...hahaha...hopefully I will be able to learn something new!
  7. weezyhuy
    Quicksilver = Productivity
  8. Broomhead
    yes,yes Quicksilver is a time saver. Its a must have mac application
  9. thetoothfairy

    Just jumped on the wagon! Glad to be welcomed to this group!
  10. solarseed
    command+shift +4

    lets you take any part of your screen and create a snap shot.. great if you want to just snip a certain part of your screen not a whole screenshot or if your on a site that doesnt allow you to save pictures..
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