1. Broomhead
    ok ok the new mods have been invited.
  2. bhz1
    Hey, I must be a noob, I only found this invite tonight!
  3. Broomhead
    haha not a noob any more
  4. Dave-o
    Just wanted to give a shout out!
  5. SundayDuffer

    Anyone here into tube amping? audiophile?
    I got the upgrade bug, therefore i'm in the the process of selling a few of my sacd/cd tube players.

    Here's one that i listed on a few audiophile sites for sale.

    It's a Shanling sacd/cd tube player. Bought it for $2700. Selling it for $2K.

    It's crazy..but it's a huge market. Pair of interconnects, speaker wires can be up in the $10K range.

    If i get rid of all my audio gears, i can buy a 2009 Mercedes in Cash....but nahhhhhhhh...i like my Pinto..hahahaha
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