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  1. vinayp's Avatar
    I want to share you my experience with OSX86. I successfully Installed MAC OSX 10.5.2 on my P.C.

    Intel DG33FB Motherboard.
    Intel E6750 Core2Duo Processor.
    Nvidia 8600 Graphic Card.
    2 GB Kingston DDR2 667 Ram.

    I tried a lot but Finally i taste success with Kalyway Patched DVD. The guide which helps me a lot is

    iHackintosh: Dual or Triple booting OSx86 & Windows on the same HDD

    This is a cool place where you can found most of stuff needed for OSX86.

    Some other useful links are.

    iHackintosh Blog


    Insanelymac forums
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    2008-09-19 03:51 PM
  2. bteamer's Avatar
    Would you know of a guide for installing either tiger or leopard(i dont care which)?i've looked high and low for it, but can't find one.
    2008-09-26 04:08 PM
  3. ultimatedood's Avatar
    can you make apps for iPod on osx86?
    2011-04-23 10:48 PM