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    OSx86 Tools is a real life saver for OSx86 users. Most users know the trouble that comes when you try to update your OSx86 installation to a newer version. You have to, in many cases, reinstall your drivers, and reconfigure the things that make your system tick. OSx86 Tools comes to the rescue, allowing you to install unlimited kexts in a matter of seconds, and other useful automated functions.

    From running simple maintenance tasks to installing bootloaders, OSX86 Tools is the ideal companion for any Mac OSx86 user (Mac OS X on PCs). Put an end to the endless stream of Terminal commands, and be welcomed into a simple, easy to use GUI that will make you, become an OSx86 power user.

    Read more & Download OSX86 tools click HERE
    2008-10-02 02:10 PM
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    I'm too scared to use it, lol
    2008-10-02 06:13 PM
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    Seems like something useful. I'll definitely try it out when I get out to my Hackintosh.
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    2009-10-16 10:42 PM
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    I tried it and don't really understand how it works... does it only show you drivers that you need, drivers that need to be updated, or devices that are not supported?

    Then... how do I download and install the patches and/or kext's? Is this automated?

    What if it says "no patch" but shows a website? Does that mean that there is no patch at all? OR does that mean that I don't have any drivers installed for that device?

    I'm pretty new at this OSX86 thing... so please excuse the noob questions.

    Since I'm asking questions...

    1. I have an hp a6300t with onboard sound AND PCI Sound Blaster 24-bit... neither are being shown in the OSX device manager. Anyone know how to fix this?

    2. I have an nVidia 7300 GS video that works out of the box... but I only have one resolution option... can I get a better resoluion out of my graphics card?


    2010-02-20 06:02 PM
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    This application is not that great... I had update problems until I installed the Chameleon Bootloader. Now I can update as tho I was using a mac.

    For all other stuff... just find out what hardware you are using and then hook up with a great repo site like or



    uninstalled with Cydia, used iFile to delete the sbsettings folder under mobile/library, reboot, reinstall with Cydia, reboot, still having issues!

    This problem could not have come at a better time. I will just wait for 4.0 and then restore/jailbreak


    [EDIT X2]

    will someone host /var/mobile/library/sbsettings please? I reinstalled and now I am still having the same issues I had with the dock, but now there are no toggles.
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    2010-05-21 09:15 PM