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  1. vinayp's Avatar
    So now PCWIZ is also in game with announcing upcoming release of his very own distro named iPC.I m Waiting for it because this will be the first distro having support of Nvidia'a Latest 9XXX Series graphic card's.

    Some Specification are as on......

    Support Intel AMD { SSE2 , SSE3 }
    Kernel Voodoo 9.5.0
    Nvidia 9800 GTX

    Source iPC OSx86 Intel AMD SSE2 SSE3 (10.5.5) comming soon from the house of PCWIZ. | iHackintosh Your's Daily tech Savoy
    2008-12-12 07:52 AM
  2. dale1v's Avatar
    I don't have an 9 series card yet, but good news. I don't intend to install os x for a good while, so i wont be using this...unless something goes badly wrong with my install D:
    2008-12-12 12:32 PM
  3. vinayp's Avatar


    Thanx for showing Interest in my thread.If you relies on me than i must have to say that this will be the best OSX86 distro i have experience all of them but PCWIZ's work is undoubtly best.
    2008-12-14 01:13 PM