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    hp a6300t
    NVidia 7300 GS Graphics
    Sound Blaster 24-Bit PCI Sound Card
    OSX 10.5.8

    1. Receiving Error 0x80020022 when trying to burn a disk

    2. OSX86Tools shows need:
    -USB Controller Intel 82801G Series USB2 EHCID
    -SATA Controller Intel ICH7 (82801GB/GR/GH) SATA
    -Graphics nvidea GeForce 7300 GS
    ***OSX86Tools will not download/install needed drivers - says not found

    3. PCI slots not recognized
    4. Onboard Sound not working
    5. Sound Blaster 24-Bit PCI not recognized


    EDIT - not sure about the OSX86 build... My buddy let me use his build for his netbook.
    EDIT2 - Installed IOATAFAMILY from OSX86 Driver Data Base with and without OSX86 Tools. CD/DVD Burner still does not burn and OSX86 still says I need SATA chipset drivers - yes I rebooted after each install.
    EDIT3 - tried natit1.0 but only get single resolution and OSX86 tools still says need nvidia 7300 gs graphics support

    Scared to try Natit 1.0 because it says that it works for nvidia GeForce 7300gt (I have GS)
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