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    Hello, I've had a Compaq Presario SR5152NX Desktop PC for a few years now, it has Windows 7 on it currently. I've attempted a few OSX86 installs on it in the past, I don't remember exactly what happened, it either couldn't get to the setup, or the setup worked fine, it just couldn't boot. Kernal errors.

    Anyway, the specs of my current build with it:
    -AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 Dual-Core Processor 4000+ 2.1ghz
    -NVIDIA nForce 430 Chipset
    -NVIDIA GeForce 9800GT
    -2GB Memory (I believe its DDR2-SDRAM)
    -1TB SATA HDD (can possibly replace with a IDE HDD if I can find one)
    -SATA DVD Drive (can replace with IDE if needed)

    I was just wondering what on that list is compatible, maybe whats not? I also have small USB devices I would probably want working too, like a bluetooth device, tv tuner, etc. But those aren't as important. And if anyone can possibly link me to a torrent or let me know which one is the best to use, I'm not 100% sure if that's against the rules, I'll understand if it is, I would just want to know about those specs.

    I pulled most of this info off from here:
    Compaq Presario SR5152NX PC (GC666AA) specifications - HP Home & Home Office Products

    Thank you!
    2010-06-07 03:18 AM
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    4 years late but I'll tell how I got it on SR1710NX I start with Snow Leopard 10.6.2 this install was from a custom disk search it's easy to find it has most the AMD & Ati Kexts then you can search for the other Kexts for what you want work. I then downloaded the upgrade to 10.6.8 from apple. It was free . But you have to start with older OS X 10.6.2 or even Leopard 10.5.8 then upgrade to each newer OS X . I had Win7 then install OS X after use the Win 7 to install the duel boot seems to boot better with no Panic.
    2014-10-23 07:42 AM
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    Sorry I don't come here much anymore since I moved to different phone.. But I've been getting Snowlepord on my Dell 1501 I had found someone that had done this model and he put all the links up BUT I did folliw his instructions and everything did work except for booting up so I have to start it with a boot disk I found but I have Win 7 and Win 10 and Snowlepord all have 300 gigs each so I think it's the way that windows handles the boot menu , I'm still working on this hope one day to have them boot right but since I installed Win 10 it has been giving me issues not sure I really like Win 10 but it was free. I do have an imac and Apple did send me Snowlepord for free so I did upgrade it to the lastest edition . I'm glad that it has worked out for you and I'll keep coming back now to check and see how things are but I go to other forums that seem to be more active and have more info on doing these conversions . Take care
    2017-01-10 07:38 PM