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    ive tried to Install the Snow Leopard by Hazard on my 3 ghz 1 gb ram nvidia 6700xl 128mb Intel Pentium D PC. I didnt really know which of the install options i should choose, but ive tried it several times and I got a kernel panic when booting up every time. Ive always rebooted after the installation is finished when it does the countdown, ive read about not rebooting, but i didnt know how. So did I do something wrong, or is Snow Leopard just not compatible with my Hardware? Ive read about a 10.6 version that works on pentium d processors, but I dont know where I can download it, or if the Version I have works. Please help me with this problem, I dont wanna mess it up again, I had serious problems with getting back to windows 7 because my pc didnt want to boot from the dvd, but ive got it now!
    2011-06-08 10:40 PM