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    this is almost decided build

    Intel 2600k
    12gb ram
    gtx 560-580
    seagate 3tb(most probably)
    sound and wifi and bluetooth cards not decided

    i am new so try to explain as much

    questions and requirements:

    1)I want it to be automatic,i don't want to have to do some manual startup which requires some technicle work everytime,what hacks are needed

    2)which gpu is good,amd or nvidia?

    3)will osX support the new radeon 7000 series anytime soon?

    4)is OSX86 hackintosh a 32bit or 64bit?

    5)how much ram should i get for Video editing?

    6)i want dual operating system with windows

    7)does os x support SRT Intel SSD solution and will it work with dual Operating systems?

    8)has apple removed the welcome intro from Lion?

    9)is it compulsory to have multiple HDD for dual operating system with windows and osx and how will the partition work and how do you set up partitions in OSX?
    2012-01-09 09:02 AM