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    I am replacing the screen and digitizer on the iphone 3g for a friend who dropped and badly crack the screen on his.I have taken it all apart to find the new screen isnt sticky and wont stick to the framework the old screen left behind.Anyone now what adhesive to use as i would think it would need to be pretty strong.
    2009-02-18 08:59 AM
  2. ALL DAY's Avatar
    I know there's a special thing you have to use but don't remember what it is. cpjr would know as I think he mentioned it before... When I was returning mine I put a dab of some type of super glue just to hold it solid in place so it couldn't be seen, but I don't think that's a good permanent solution nor something that is recommended.
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    2009-02-18 07:23 PM
  3. JStraitiff's Avatar
    i would just use rubber cement.. but that might act as an insulator if it leaks into other parts of the device

    i know the screws dont hold it tight but what if you just put a dab of superglue in each corner?
    2009-02-18 07:50 PM
  4. ALL DAY's Avatar
    Rubber cement wouldn't be effective just as super glue wouldn't.

    And the adhesive they sell online is the best thing to use. Like you said, super glue is a NO and other types of tape are not strong enough and way too thick. There may be something decent to use, but I have always used the adhesive made for it.
    Found it. Super glue is indeed a no-no...
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    2009-02-18 08:07 PM
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    Thanks for the replies so far. Someone must have had to do this before and did it effectively.

    Rubber cement wouldn't be effective just as super glue wouldn't.

    Found it. Super glue is indeed a no-no...

    Anyone got a link to the proper stuff as my search didnt find anything.
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    2009-02-18 10:05 PM
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    ^I'd suggest you ask cpjr or find a website that sells the tools to take it apart; they may have it.
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    2009-02-18 10:11 PM
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    usually CPJR is the first to reply to things like this lol
    2009-02-18 11:56 PM
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    Lol i hate tinkering with the hardware of this kind of thing. But yeah use something special...
    2009-02-19 01:12 AM
  9. cpjr's Avatar
    Like this:

    Adhesive Strips for iPhone 3G Digitizer and Front Glass

    Stuff like superglue is a NO NO, the vapors the glue gives off will fog the glass and damage the LCD.
    2009-02-19 02:12 AM