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  1. bdale02m's Avatar
    Hi, I hope that someone here can help me. I've searched previous posts, but haven't found this situation before. While disassebling my iphone 3g to replace a cracked glass, I seperated the bezel from the back while the logic board and all the switches and speakers/dock connector were still attached. I finished the repair and everything works fine except that the phone neither vibrates or has any external sound. The proximity sensor, ear speaker and the microphone all work appropriately, but won't play music or ring or vibrate. The vibrate switch causes the bell with the strikethrough to appear, so the switch appears to work. I've already tried a full restore, the headphone trick and numerous soft restarts and power offs. Does anyone know what part I'll need to fix this?
    2009-03-27 09:15 AM
  2. Rinnycoop121's Avatar
    i had the same problem and i fixed this problem, i have no idea what did it, but i uninstalled a whole bunch of stuff using Cydia and after my files reached under 3000 everything started to work again, i do not know why it just did.
    2009-03-27 09:25 AM
  3. bdale02m's Avatar
    Spent more time looking around inside the case today, contacts on vibrator motor bent, fixed that and have vibration back. Flex cable to speakers was torn, need to figure out if its worth trying to fix or just buy new speaker.
    2009-03-28 06:28 AM