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  1. BradTrinh24's Avatar
    I'm a bit of a perfectionist and don't like my things not being how they are suppose to be. My iPhone hold button is tiltled and starting to go lower and lower into the casing. I have friend's who's are a lot lower and no complain, but mine is just so aggravating. I tried to search for a post on this but didn't find it. Is there an easy fix for this? I can take apart my phone as well if I need to and it's a 3g. Just looking for some tips or help thanks MMI!
    2009-03-27 10:03 AM
  2. billybobr_06's Avatar
    that's ridiculous
    i started getting this problem this week, so i was gonna ask the same thing

    the problem with mine is that it is so sunk in, that if i dont press it hard enough, my screen light turns off, but the screen is still there, and you can still navigate throughout the iphone
    does that happen to you too?

    its very annoying

    im also looking for a solution

    also, would apple just replace my iphone because of this?
    2009-03-27 03:00 PM
  3. Channan's Avatar
    My sister dropped her 2G and that happened. But at least yours works. Her iPhone got stuck in an endless reboot cycle. My dad and I took the phone apart to fix it. Didn't work. The spring, or whatever pushes it back out, lost tension, and we have no idea how to get it back. We were able to get her phone working again, but she just couldn't use the home button. To turn her phone off, she has to press the home button and then she has to wait a minute for the phone to go in to sleep mode. She can't actually power it off any more. And that also means no screenshots, but I doubt she even knew how to do that anyway. She never used the iPhone to its full potential. She mainly only used it for the phone and texting.
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    2009-03-27 03:09 PM
  4. Miro89's Avatar
    just open i apart adjust the button 2 its original place and ur done
    2009-03-27 03:27 PM
  5. imnothardcore's Avatar
    Mine had a sunken button a few weeks after I bought it. I just brought it to the apple store and they replaced it for free while I was waiting.
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    2009-03-27 04:15 PM
  6. tatum's Avatar
    Why would you try and fix this yourself unless your warranty is expired? Take it to the Apple Store.
    2009-03-27 05:32 PM
  7. BradTrinh24's Avatar
    Well the closest apple store to me is about 2 hours away, so I'd like to get some things strait before I make the trip. First off I need to restore to 2.2.1 un-jailbroken. Probably bring my box, with phone? Is there even any guarantee that they will for sure switch it out? Will they also ask me why I'm on att and not paying the 30 bucks a month data plan? Oh and what if there are like some serious dings and scratches on phone? Mine doesn't just wondering.
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    2009-03-27 10:44 PM
  8. vincentpjimenez's Avatar
    Im glad somebody posted about this even if its a minor inconvenience! Actually mine too doesnt function properly!!! I have to press it down really hard before it turns my iPhone on/off! I just noticed that a month ago! And i notice that i have to press it on the left side harder, not in the center like it used too. These iphone 3g's are deteriorating faster than their advertised 3g speeds!!!
    2009-03-27 11:18 PM
  9. imnothardcore's Avatar
    they should swap it out for sure as long as it doesn't look like it was dropped. So clean it up nice and try to clean off any smudges on the corners that look weird. I brought just my phone you shouldn't have to bring anything else.

    They didn't check my plan or anything. Just serial. Don't think that should create issues. Oops dbl post.
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    2009-03-28 12:27 AM
  10. BradTrinh24's Avatar
    Sounds good, I wish it wasn't 2 hours away though. An AT&T store won't do it though?
    2009-03-28 02:34 AM
  11. imnothardcore's Avatar
    I don't think they can at the AT&T store but I could be wrong. They give you a refurb iPhone at the apple store. You could try calling the AT&T store and see what they say. I would also schedule an appt. for the Apple store they are really busy sometimes.
    2009-03-28 02:45 AM
  12. ilovemydanigirl's Avatar
    i got this problem after 5 moths so iam happy
    2009-05-24 08:34 AM
  13. tiguy99's Avatar
    The power button on the top is sandwhiched on a small black plastic button with a metal loop on it. This piece is connects with the flex cable which has
    a button on it.

    If you end up opening your phone, make sure these pieces are lined up properly and screwed down tight. That should fix your problem
    2009-08-27 07:14 AM
  14. NiCKmatteis's Avatar
    you guys should try using a tweezers to pull it out instead of opening the housing, mine is starting to dip on one side also
    2010-01-03 11:22 PM
  15. Micara57's Avatar
    I had this issue aswell, I found it was due to the bezel separating from the housing, some super glue fixed it for me.
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    2010-02-08 01:52 AM
  16. iGood's Avatar
    Weird never had this problem. Which iphone are you talking about 4g? If so I have 3g!
    2011-03-15 12:17 AM
  17. jbounce's Avatar
    I see this a lot in replacement housings.
    2011-03-15 08:32 PM