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    I have an 8GB 3G on which the home button has lost its clickability. The black plastic 'key cap' is fine, it's a physical fault with the button AFAICT.

    Replacement button mechanisms seem readily available on eBay for next to nothing and I've managed to get the phone apart to the point where I have the middle frame [where the button sits] so things are easy to work on.

    However I can't tell how to remove the existing button - how is it fixed in there for starters...?

    Has anyone done this job or is someone able to point me at instructions? The famous take-aparts on YouTube from pdaparts.com don't seem to cover removing & replacing the home button (unless I missed that video?).


    2009-04-05 11:09 AM
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    Ive never had the need to dissassemble the screen to the point of removing the home button, but i know that the home button is pressure connected. Rather than being a physical button, it relies on being closely fitted to the dock connector bit. If the fits not tight enough then the button wont work.

    You probably know this already but just throwing it out there before you invest any money...
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    2009-04-05 08:25 PM
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    Hello dude,

    Have you solved your home button issue?
    Because I ve got the same problem, I want to replace it but can t find any tutorial...
    Of course, if anyone know how to replace/remove the home button on iphone 3g, it will be welcome too!
    Thank you in advance
    2009-04-19 06:05 PM