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    First off, sorry for the image quality - these pictures were taken with my new iPhone.

    Anyway, first off there's a lot of talk about people setting off the moisture indicator looking for a way to bleach the color away. Second, there are other people saying that they've dropped phone X in liquids Y and Z.

    My phone went for a little dive in the gutter during a rainstorm, and worked (relatively) well for a month or so before it died completely. I disassembled the phone and took some pictures and then ran some tests with those strips to see what (if anything) could bleach the color away.

    First: iPhone 3G has a moisture indicator underneath the data cable port, which at first glance looks like a tiny (~3mm) strip. After pulling it up, this is what I found:

    Turns out it's a significantly larger strip than most people think (and most other companies use).

    Second: There's another moisture indicator in the headphone jack, which you can see as a small white dot at the bottom. From the picture you can tell it's a little larger, though interestingly enough mine didn't change color when dropped in water (so I thought).

    This is after pulling it out from the jack - notice no color change.

    However, once I turned the little bugger over, this is what I found:

    It did, in fact, change color... just only on the side that faced the interior of the phone for whatever reason. It looked like there was a thin laminant over the strip that prevented the visible side from being affected, though I couldn't really test that theory out.

    The second part of my experiment was to figure out what would bleach these strips out... and after trying a variety of commercial and laboratory-grade chemicals I found that there wasn't really anything that did the trick. I did everything from soaking in bleach overnight to concentrated 37% hydrochloric acid. Nothing affected the color (though the HCl turned the strip into bright pink mush).

    Once again, sorry for the quality of the photos, I know they are out of focus - I did what I could with a 2MP iPhone camera.

    2009-04-15 12:58 AM
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    nice tread,but you really need a better camera with zoom.
    I can't see mine,the one in the connector i tried a few times,i just can't see it.Maybe because still white.
    2009-04-15 01:32 AM
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    Oh you can do it, but as Im not into screwing over Apple, Im not saying how
    2009-04-15 01:41 AM
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    The only bit of the bottom connector strip you can see is an oblong, slightly recessed area underneath the connector (that is to say, towards the back of the phone).

    And yeah, I know for a fact that some hunting around can show what exactly will do the bleaching trick, but this isn't the place for that I feel. Besides, it's only a surface fix and the second they open the phone they will see the tech will see that it was tampered with. I'm not usually in for such obvious fraud.
    2009-04-15 02:04 AM
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    Yeah, and not only that...but if you have a decent "genius" the issues the phone is having will still be a dead giveaway for water damage....its just logic to whats wrong = how it broke. My buddy tried that trick awhile back on a 2g...he had it perfect....but the genius still knew it was water damage even without a damaged sensor.
    2009-04-15 02:08 AM
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    With all this talk about water/humidity and the iphone, even CNN is reporting about this.
    so i got me this.
    can't go wrong for 2 bucks!
    2009-04-15 06:42 AM
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    We detailed the water sensors months ago, no use trying to re-invent the wheel..... you just use glossy paper to replace it.

    .....which nobody should ever do.
    2009-04-15 07:15 AM
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    2009-04-16 02:19 AM
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    lol the genius are jut lucky
    Signature cleaned...
    2009-04-16 02:26 AM