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    My girlfriend recently had a little mishap with my phone and it ended up in a almost empty cup of water for about 1 second. There was enough water left to cover about in inch of the phone on the side with the power button and headphone jack. After checking the water indicator in the headphone jack (on a black iphone which did not help at all) It looks to me like the water hit the indicator enough to make the indicator slightly pink. Since Apple sometimes takes them, usually not, I tried to see if I could bring it back to life. So far, I've got the phone on and attempting to run, but I've run into a few issues that if solved would bring my phone back into working order. Here's the issues:

    1) Phone will not boot to lock screen or springboard after DFU restore and jailbreak (Yes, restore and jailbreak were successful and I do have access to the iPhone file menu).

    2) Phone continues to stay on and attempt to load for anywhere between 3-20 minutes before restarting (sometimes it doesn't restart at all).

    3) iTunes does recognize the phone at first and attempts to restore the saved settings, but shuts down the process and this error message pops up, "

    Original issues during initial damage period (In case these come in handy for troubleshooting observation):

    1) Constantly shut down and rebooted every 1-2 minutes (Pretty much fixed that issue).

    2) Sim card could not be read and iPhone stated there was no sim card installed (This has also been fixed).

    3) iPhone power button would not function. Any attempts to shut down, restart, or boot into DFU mode would not register (This has also been fixed since I can restart the phone and was able to restore and jailbreak after the incident).

    4) Moisture had reached into all areas of the upper iPhone and small moisture beads were visible in camera lens glass. (All moisture is gone which is why I can access all regions of the phone EXCEPT to actually boot to springboard/lock screen)

    Any assistance on this would be of GREAT help. Thanks.

    EDIT: I was just able to restore my phone's data without receiving an error message, but the phone still won't boot to springboard or lockscreen. I'm starting to think there's some kind of hardware issue that won't allow the phone to boot, but does anyone know of a piece of hardware in the phone that will prevent the springboard from popping up, but still allow all normal external iPhone functions (iTunes, jailbreak, iPhoneBrowser, etc) to occur?
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    2009-04-15 10:27 PM
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    If you dropped your working phone in water... and now it's really messed up... i'm thinking there MIGHT be a direct correlation and ur phone is fried.
    2009-04-15 11:42 PM
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    Yeah, the phone has water damage....you fried no telling how many places on the mainboard.
    2009-04-16 12:01 AM
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    Yeah, I was thinking that would be the case, but any idea why EVERYTHING works, but the actual OS isn't booting up properly? I've been trying to narrow down the actual cause and so far I've restored power, fixed the sim card issue, attempted to restore the firmware and gained access to the iPhone's root menu and all files. Theoretically the phone "should" be functioning properly since I can do everything outside the phone, but right now I'm thinking I might have hardware failure of the camera, vibration button, or something dealing with the top speaker which is why the phone won't boot properly.

    Alternatively, I've been debating on actually opening up the phone. Besides the moisture indicators, is there a seal inside the phone that voids the warranty when opened? Or any other factor besides the indicators that will void the warranty if I check the inside of the phone?
    2009-04-16 01:57 AM
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    the warranty is void when you drop it in water
    2009-04-16 02:04 AM
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    Yes, I know the warranty is voided after contact with water because the indicator inside the headphone jack and a strip near the dock (or both) will turn from white to pink. I have a friend who works at apple and if half of either indicator is activated the warranty is officially voided. However, I've read online that in rare occasions they have accepted phones with water damage and replaced them which is why I wanted to know if there are any other factors that will void the warranty. I would like to try and replace the phone, but I know the warranty has been voided already. If I can repair this myself somehow then I can still use the phone and worry about shelling out the cash for a new one once the new version is out in June. If there's nothing else I can do then I'm just going to bring it in and see if they're willing to help me out. I've read numerous posts about faking the indicator and coloring over it, replacing it, shoving tissue in there, etc, but I really don't want to scam them into replacing my phone (even though apple already has numerous issues with their phones). So if I can open it up without voiding the warranty I might be able to see and clean out some of the connectors and check for any physical damages (darker areas of the board where things might have burned). I've pretty much given up hope on the phone actually working properly, but when I went back to my 1st gen iPhone I'm having issues with that phone now (it freezes every 15-20 min and I have to force a reset). I'm getting kind of fed up with all the issues the iPhone has, but the fact is it still has more features, support, and tweaks by consumers than most phones on the market.
    2009-04-16 02:21 AM
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    Everything ISNT working.

    Its not the OS thats not booting up properly.......

    Its the mainboard NOT RUNNING. This is a hardware issue. And the ONLY way to tell exactly whats wrong is to probe the entire insides and check all the micro-smd's and such to see what spots are fried and IF they can be fixed.

    Contact a member "one1" he has the correct tools for doing so.
    2009-04-16 02:23 AM
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    No such thing as "slight" water damage. It is or it isn't.

    It's toast. Warm buttery toast......

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    ^Were your ears ringing
    2009-04-16 02:30 AM
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    lol, alright. Thanks for all your help. I really appreciate it. I'll throw in the towel on my phone and see if someone at apple will have pity on me ^^;. I'll see if my friend can do anything for me since he works at the genius bar. If all else fails I guess I'll be using a crappy RAZR until June for my back up since both my 1st gen and 3g are on the fritz. I'm definitely gonna be investing in a case that'll block most of the open portions of the phone if funds allow me to buy the new one in June. Again, thanks for all the help =).
    2009-04-16 03:18 AM
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    Hey, Apple won't help you. Sorry guy. Water damage is like "jailbreaking" to Apple. You are the antichrist to them.

    Lemme take a peek at it and I might can help, otherwise it's a boat anchor. I have seen some phones malfunction like this with some errors due to the cables being shorted, but swapping them can help a lot. I have a spare flex cable and headphone flex cable so it isn't going to hurt to try.

    PM me for the addy to send it. http://www.modmyi.com/forums/iphone-...uff-money.html
    2009-04-16 03:47 AM
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    Alright, here's an update. I took an air can and blew out the open electrical contact areas (which I'm sure did nothing at all) and then tried to restore once again. Strangely, I was able to boot up to the springboard after the restore. I just restored my previous back up info before the accident. So far everything is working. I'm holding off on jailbreaking for the time being, but I'm gonna test the headphone jack, dock, and everything else in a bit. But my phone is operational again . If my phone shows issues again I'll be sure to PM you One1. Thanks.
    2009-04-16 04:38 AM
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    Good stuff. Like I say the cables can be shorted from the chemicals so you unshorted them blowing the contacts clean. It's not strangely, I told ya beforehand .
    2009-04-16 04:47 AM
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    Or it was a miracle from God (Steve Jobs).
    2009-04-16 04:50 AM
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    Jobs is using all his miracles for himself at the moment.
    2009-04-16 04:53 AM