1. Wilco1's Avatar
    I recently dropped my IPhone 3G in water and it was dead for the past week. I just took apart the phone and cleaned the logic board and other parts. The phone began to work again today. The only problem I am having is that the LCD brightness is very dim.

    I am wondering which ribbon controls the lcd brightness? Is it Ribbon 3? I am wondering if I damaged the ribbon as I was taking it out since I had a hard time figuring out the "clamp" part, unfortunately.

    Also, is there a site where I can buy extra screws? I seem to have misplaced a couple.

    2009-04-17 11:01 PM
  2. cpjr's Avatar
    LOL. No ribbon controls the brightness.

    Its water damaged and likely very screwed, your lucky it is working and no amount of "cleaning" is going to repair it.

    The LED's that light the LCD are part of the LCD (top and bottom).....therefore you'd have to replace the entire LCD.
    2009-04-18 12:01 AM