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    I had this problem for about 2 month and I checked all over the web for a solution no luck.I even tried restoring the phone but nothing worked.

    first this is how it was i'm on firmware 2.2.1 jailbroken and yes the problem still there even after I use the offical firmware

    the 456 button were not responsive

    but then I read online that on the old 1.1-1.3 (2g iphone) firmwares people had the option of changing their sensitivity on their iphones. yes it gone but using ssh I was able to add the option into my iphone again

    As you see the touch option not their in the new firmware but can be added

    the first time turned it up all the way and then re sprang the phone and this happened

    the 456 worked!!! but the 123 stopped working after that
    so naturally I suspected that this is not a hardware error but more of a software error

    to I went into settings reset my setting to factory

    I went back to the touch settings played with it and now the entire phone works

    except for one thing on the icon page the 2nd row wasn't working but I changed the touch settings to 0.7 then in ssh made some edits to the general lists and now the phone works perfect

    **EDIT CPJR - Link not allowed. If you'd like to upload the actual file, that will do.**

    in case no one believes my firmware
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    EDIT - Link removed, not allowed.

    Thanks for the info and if you'd like to upload the actual file, that will do.
    2009-04-21 01:20 AM
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    EDIT - Link removed, not allowed.

    Thanks for the info and if you'd like to upload the actual file, that will do.
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    2009-04-21 01:46 AM
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    hi kemar, i am using windows and i have downloaded the WINSCP software like your examples, but i have absolutely no idea how to go about using it. Do you think you can help? I have a dead strip on the 1st row on my 2g iphone.
    If you are willing to help, pls email me at [email protected]

    2009-05-26 08:58 AM
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    Did you ever get any details? I have the same problem. Should I just upload this general.plist file to my phone?

    2009-06-25 05:25 AM
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    my 2g is dead exactly in the same spot, 4,5 and 6. i have tried a version of your trick but the results werent the same, could you up the .plist you used and explain how to do what? this is my last chance before i just accept that i have a out of warranty 2g with touchscreen issues, thanks much.
    2009-07-01 08:45 AM
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    Check out this link and the (long) comments for some additional help...
    iPhone Touchscreen Fix: Increase Sensitivity
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