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  1. Koinonia's Avatar
    So I had purchased a broken 2G for cheap a while back. It was cracked at the top, so with a case on it wasnt very noticeable. Everything worked fine except a few stuck pixels, that I fixed myself.

    But then one day some one had bumped/kicked my pocket and half the screen went "pixilated"/just a bunch of colored and white/gray lines and areas. Also near the top a small area looks "burned".

    The phone still works, buttons can still be pressed, just half them cannot be seen.

    So I am wondering what exactly has to be replaced? I dont have too much iPhone knowledge so dont know too much between the digitizer and LCD.

    So what exactly needs to be replaced? And what is the cheapest way of going about it?

    2009-04-28 11:34 PM
  2. cpjr's Avatar
    On a 2g iphone the LCD/digitizer/glass are all 1 component and must be replaced as 1. The part runs about $130-$150.
    2009-04-28 11:37 PM
  3. JStraitiff's Avatar
    well you can replace them all as one or individually but it is ridiculously difficult to do it one at a time

    there are some great guides around to replace the screen, just google iphone touchscreen replacement guide or something along those lines
    2009-04-28 11:45 PM
  4. cpjr's Avatar has some of the better guides.

    And no, you cant replace the components separately on a 2g without breaking all of them, as you cant separate them

    They fixed that design mistake on the 3g, as the parts are individual.

    PS- And as I just got this "hardware" forum started yesterday, we're gonna get some guides up soon
    2009-04-28 11:47 PM
  5. Koinonia's Avatar
    Ouch that is too much just to replace the screen

    I think I would be better off just selling it dirt cheap, and buying a used iPhone.

    2009-04-28 11:50 PM
  6. JStraitiff's Avatar
    ^^^ nice on the hardware forum

    oh i didnt read the post i just glimpsed at the pictures, i was talking about the 3g
    2009-04-28 11:51 PM
  7. cpjr's Avatar
    ^Thats what I figured, since the 2g is becoming the minority....I catch myself automatically thinking 3g

    And yeah....Me and p_f were throwing ideas around yesterday on IRC (when you were on) about a hardware, prolly this weekend when I get some time (and get the Nikon back from the fiance) I'll get some guides for different stuff up.

    We needed it, have alot of threads like this floating around. I moved 100+ last night and only went back 2 months
    2009-04-28 11:56 PM
  8. Koinonia's Avatar
    I know this isn't BST, but what would be a fair price to sell it for locally?
    2009-04-28 11:57 PM
  9. cpjr's Avatar
    You never said if it was a 4, 8, 16 gigger? But your prolly looking at $75 in that condition.
    2009-04-28 11:58 PM
  10. JStraitiff's Avatar
    ^^^ u need to get on more often, ur a pleasure to talk to
    2009-04-29 12:06 AM
  11. Koinonia's Avatar
    Sorry, its 8.

    And yeah thats what I figued rice wise.
    2009-04-29 12:07 AM