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    I have a couple of quick questions about some problems that I'm having after a screen replacement.
    The earpiece speaker is not working. I had some trouble, as I see others did, reconnecting cable 3. They really ought to give a little more description about how to lift the gate on that thing! Anyhow, I kept pushing and pushing, and I think I crimped the cable. I also, at some point, noticed a black smear on the cable (it wiped off) that wasn't there before, and wonder if it somehow shorted or something. Anyhow, I saw a message on this forum that you can easily replace cable three. Just wondering if you have to replace the glass/digitizer in order to do that, and what all is involved with replacing it.

    Also, in my haste, before removing the broken screen, I thought when I was looking at the pictures that you were supposed to separate the black back from the chrome middle with the spunger/screwdriver. Whoops. I realized that that was wrong, but not before separating it a little at the mic side. Now the mic is working, but everyone on the receiving end says they can't hear very well. I was able to push the pieces together pretty well before putting the bottom screws back in. But I'm wondering if things aren't lined up right. Is there any easy way to get at the mic from the top to check that everything's alright (ie. can you remove the motherboard). I also read that the mic cable can be easily dislodged. Is that an all or nothing thing (either it works or doesn't work), or is it possible that if it's not tightly connected that you could hear sound through it, but not very well?

    I'll try to post some pictures. Appreciate any help you can offer!!
    2009-04-30 07:05 PM
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    Yes cable #3 is for the earpiece speaker and proximity sensor (turns the screen off when held to your head). It can be easily removed/replaced without having to take the screen assembly apart.

    You can actually pop the piece out of the screen assembly in like 10 seconds and pop a new one back in. You can nab the part off ebay real cheap, however it'll prolly come from hong kong and take a bit to arrive.

    As for the mic, no telling what you did, however I can completely disassemble an iphone in about 10 minutes. Yes you have to remove the mainboard then you can pull the dock assembly that includes both the microphone and external speaker.

    If the cable connecting the dock assembly was "dislodged" it wouldnt work at all.
    2009-04-30 07:14 PM
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    Thanks so much for the reply! Really appreciate it.
    Honestly I'm a little nervous about opening it back up, since I made so many dumb mistakes the first time, but I think I'm going to give it a shot.
    Is this the part that you're referring to:

    US Headphone Audio Jack Ribbon Flex Cable for iPhone 3G - eBay (item 370164648747 end time May-25-09 02:00:28 PDT)

    It says Headphone Audio Jack Flex Ribbon on the ebay page.

    And can you suggest any good picture/instruction sites for removing the mainboard and/or dock assembly (and/or cable 3). What I remember of the area around the mic, it looked like something relatively large (and I was thinking soft, because it had to be pressed in a little to fit back in between the grill and the black cover, when I pulled back the black cover) with a hole in the center of it was behind the grill. I'm assuming that's the mic. If so, I'm wondering if something got plugged down into the mic hole when I was putting it back together. I'm hoping that removing it all will give me a better picture of what's going on.

    hmm, alright never mind the first question. Think I found it; also called a sensitization cable. and I saw your comments last month about the install.

    still be interested if you have any links to pix for mainboard removal, though. Thanx again!
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    2009-04-30 11:00 PM
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    ^No, thats not it. This is:

    iPhone 3G OEM Proximity Light Motion Sensor Flex Cable - eBay (item 190299385416 end time May-06-09 20:56:18 PDT)

    ifixit.com has some good guides with pics for you to check out.
    2009-04-30 11:19 PM