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  1. shaquk's Avatar
    hi guys,
    i have a very strange issue with my iphone 2G (jailbroken and unlocked on FW 2.2.1). The phone was on the table and i accidentally knocked over a glass of water and it spilled al over my iphone. I used a hairdryer to get it as dry as possible and after leaving it alone for a day i tried to start it up again. It booted up. I was able to use the slider for the locked screen to unlock it and get to the springboard BUT once it gets to the springboard the bottom of the screen (the dock part) stops responding. I can not click anything on the dock. I restored and quickpwned it again, but the same issue reoccurred. I used categorize to clear the dock, and i can now look at my sms, safari or my calls, but again, i can not use the bottom line, so i can not manually dial a no, click into categories in cydia, nor send any sms. I can call people directly off my contacts but the manual dial is quite important for a pone as well. I read several posts in the forum but my problem seems to be slightly different. others have on responsive areas on the touch screen and they stop working completely (even on locked screen), but my slider works, just not when its on springboard.
    What can i do? I am clearly out of warranty, and dont want to buy another one as a new iphone will be coming in 2-3 months, so i rather wait for that. I am lost without my iphone though. PLEASE HELP!!!
    2009-05-04 12:46 PM
  2. cpjr's Avatar
    Its a hardware issue, you fried your digitizer, and maybe more.

    But to replace the part thats messing the screen up you have to replace the entire screen assembly and that part is gonna run you around $130-$150.
    2009-05-05 12:25 AM